• "Among Us" continues to enjoy massive popularity among players
  • Players keep finding new ways to make the game even more enjoyable
  • One such way is by introducing the iconic Slender Man into the game

“Among Us” has gameplay mechanics fitting for a horror game but is packaged in such a way that it can appeal to kids. That said, some players thought it would be nice to mix the game’s horror mechanics with a popular urban legend – the “Slender Man.” Here’s how to play this new game mode.

“Among Us” has enjoyed massive popularity in recent times, especially as people were forced to stay at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Fans thought of many ways to make InnerSloth’s popular deception game even more enjoyable, introducing new game modes and mods. A new “Slender Man” game mode is one such introduction to the game, ScreenRant reported.

As the name implies, the mode brings the popular Slender Man into the game. It uses the same mechanics as “Slender Man,” bringing a whole new dimension to “Among Us.”

For starters, when the Slender Man approaches a Crewmate, the Crewmate’s vision gets reduced, making it harder to escape. Also, the Crewmate’s vision becomes smaller as the Slender Man comes closer, adding to the thrill and scare factor of the game.

Unlike regular game modes where Crewmates might have to deal with up to two Impostors, there can only be one Slender Man in every round. The Slender Man will win rounds by killing off all Crewmates. The Crewmates, on the other hand, will only be able to win the game by completing all of their tasks. There’s no option to eject the Slender Man from the map.

How to get it

The game mode is available via Players will need to go to its website, download the Launcher for Windows, install the Launcher once downloaded, and start “Among Us” from the Launcher once installed.

Once “Among Us” is launched, players can access the “Slender Man” game mode via the dropdown menu. Players will need to be on the Launcher to be able to play the game mode. It’s worth noting that the Launcher is only available for the PC.

Players using Android devices older than Android 11 can also download the Server Switcher app from the Play Store and launch the game using it. This will allow Android users to play the “Slender Man” game mode as well.

Among Us Single Player
"Among Us" Single Player is an unofficial game mode created by KlopityL. KlopityL/