Rumors were flying this week that another Duggar was expecting a baby, but the alleged mother-to-be has yet to comment on the pregnancy buzz. On Tuesday, Radar Online reported that Amy Duggar King, cousin to the “Counting On” Duggar family, may have “accidentally” revealed she’s pregnant on Instagram.

“The ex-TLC star is following not one, but two baby-related accounts meant for the sole purpose of helping moms. The first is an account called @Trendybabynames, which posts a variety of unique baby names to inspire expectant parents,” reads the report. “Amy is also following @lollipopbabycamera – an account that advertising a “smart intelligent video-based baby monitor.”

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While a fan page has also recently reported that Amy is expecting her first child with husband Dillon King, the reality star was mum about the suspected pregnancy on Instagram after the rumors leaked.

Late Tuesday, instead of addressing rumors she’s expecting, Amy posted about her upcoming business on her private Instagram page. “Someone pinch me,” she captioned a shot of an ad for her 3130 clothing store grand opening.

Amy shared a similar message on her Twitter on Wednesday, writing, “It's like I try to sleep, but when I close my eyes I picture what my boutique (3130 clothing) is going to look like! And then I start making to-do lists in my head. And then I'm like hmm.. I'm hungry. I’m too excited to have a normal sleeping schedule right now!”

The store, which also has a website, is due to open on Dec. 8 and is located in Springdale, Arkansas.

Previously, Amy said she wasn’t interested in starting a family until her clothing store had opened. “I want to be settled. I think it’s boutique, and then a baby,” she told Radar Online last month.

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Amy Duggar King and her husband Dillon King may be expecting their first baby. WETV