A Wendy’s employee was arrested after she allegedly dropped a half-smoked marijuana joint into a cheeseburger she was preparing.

Amy Seiber, 32, who worked at a Wendy’s restaurant in Lovejoy, Ga., was arrested during her shift on Nov. 1, the Associated Press reports. She was charged with possession of less than an ounce of pot.

The incident took place when a customer at 10:30 p.m. ordered a Wendy’s single from the drive-through. The woman noticed the joint inside the burger when she arrived home.

“Upon arrival at home, she took her food out of the bag and noticed a strange odor in her hamburger,” Lovejoy police Lt. Michael Gaddis told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “When she opened it, she discovered a partially smoked marijuana cigarette.”

The woman brought the burger and receipt back to the Wendy’s, and reported it to the manager, who called the police.

“They were able to speak with the suspect, who admitted that she was responsible,” Gaddis said. “She had been smoking while she worked. When she was fixing the burger, part of the marijuana fell into the burger.”

Seiber was arrested and fired. Photos of the alleged burger in question were obtained by TMZ. According to the news outlet, the woman took a bight of the burger and said she experienced food-poising symptoms and had to be hospitalized.

"They have apologized to the customer and have offered to pay the medical bills," Wendy's spokesman Denny Lynch told AP. "Furthermore, the franchisee is working on a satisfactory resolution with the customer."

A Wendy’s representative said, "Obviously the employee broke the rules and did not follow proper food handling steps ... We are deeply sorry that this incident occurred.”

This isn’t the first unusual object found inside a fast-food burger. A dead rat, nails and even a condom were found inside customers’ meals at McDonald’s restaurants.