The polka-dotted chiffon dress worn by Amy Winehouse for the cover of her hit album 'Back to Black' was sold for around $67,500 at London's Kerry Taylor Auctions on Tuesday .

The chiffon creation designed by Tai-based Disaya Sorakraikitikul was sold to a South American fashion museum, the Museo de la Moda, Santiago, Chile.

Amy's father Mitch Winehouse was present at the auction and said that he owed a great debt to designer Disaya for donating the proceeds from the sales to the foundation set up in the late singer's memory. The foundation was set up by Amy's family to help vulnerable young people.

In fact, the foundation has already made three donations to different children charities including a project that works to help seriously ill babies.

We are very proud to be helping these deserving causes and have been overwhelmed by the support the foundation has received. We are willing to consider a wide range of projects, as there are so many great organisations out there working with young people in need. We are researching and meeting with different groups who offer support in the areas we wish to fund, the Daily Mail quoted Mitch saying.

The white and red printed chiffon dress comes with a note of authenticity signed by the designer herself.

Disaya was happy to help as she was launching her new label in the UK and felt that the young, innovative designs would be a good match. The photoshoot took place in the photographer Mischa Richter's house, the note reads.

Apart from the Disaya creation, the auction also included dresses worn by Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn among others.