While Amy Winehouse only released two studio albums, she is said to have about a dozen recordings that could be put out posthumously, according to reports in the UK newspaper The Guardian and the Associated Press.

According to Chris Goodman, a close friend and representative for Winehouse, the singer and songwriter had put down the framework of about a dozen new songs.

Although Winehouse had not released any new material since the Grammy-award winning "Back to Black" in 2006, she had been sporadically recording for the last two and-a-half to three years, he told The Hollywood Reporter.

The (London) Associated Press reported, that close associates of Winehouse say the singer left a "trove" of unreleased songs, after she had been in the studio sporadically over the past three years. It was also reported that in the U.S., digital sales of her tracks have risen by 2,000 percent in the past week.

The day after attending his friend and musical foil Amy Winehouse's funeral, producer/band leader Mark Ronson paid tribute to the fallen star at a concert Wednesday night. To perform the song "Valerie," which Ronson co-wrote with Winehouse, he invited members of Winehouse's band onto the stage. Additionally, he played "Rehab" in the middle of the show, MTV News reports.

"Amy had expressed an interest in getting back into the studio, and after some consultation everyone thought that would be a positive thing and a distraction from the other things she was dealing with," Goodman told the Guardian. "She had put down the bare bones of tracks, and some were further along than others."

Goodman told reporters although the artist recorded new songs, no decisions have been made about whether it will be released. He added that the decision is up to Winehouse's parents, her management and her label, noting that it was too early to consider a release date.

Winehouse's album sales also skyrocketed after her death on Saturday at age 27, and "Back to Black" re-entered the Billboard charts at No. 9 on Wednesday.