The owners of Amy’s Baking Company are one of the most controversial couples on reality TV. Before their encore appearance on “Kitchen Nightmares,” Amy and Samy Bouzaglo sat down with Dr. Phil McGraw during his daytime talk show Wednesday to reveal “their side” of the story.

"If I had known this much hate would be directed toward us, I would never have agreed to do the show," Amy told the host. "I want the world to know that we are real people. We are not cartoon characters. We are not those people that were portrayed on Kitchen Nightmares."

They blamed their outrageous behavior in their May 2013 episode on Fox’s editing of “Kitchen Nightmares." But Dr. Phil wasn’t sure that some of their performance could be blamed on editing.

The Bouzagos tried to say they were just defending themselves against Yelpers and actors; that the people in the restaurant weren’t real customers and were instead “actors.” Dr. Phil, however, noted that the people in ABC’s restaurant during the “Kitchen Nightmares” weren’t paid to be there.

The Bouzaglos became overnight sensations after their stint on “Kitchen Nightmares” and also attracted Internet trolls. "People have been saying the most disgusting, vile, horrific things to us," Amy claimed.

"One man decided to take a photo of our home, post it and write 'Here's their house. You know what to do,'" she continued. "Someone else actually wrote, 'If I was in a room with Hitler, bin Laden and the owner of Amy's Baking Company, and I had two bullets, I would shoot Amy twice.' Other people say, 'You * whore. You need to die. Just kill yourself, Amy.' My husband and I don't deserve this."

As the Bouzaglo’s try to clear their name, their second stint on “Kitchen Nightmares” will air on Fox this Friday at 8/7c.