• UFO expert Scott Waring claimed to have spotted an alleged alien weapon on Mars
  • The alleged alien relic was reportedly captured by NASA's Curiosity rover in an image, he claims
  • Waring believes a great battle once took place on the Red Planet

A UFO expert reported seeing an alleged ancient alien weapon in a photo taken by NASA on Mars. For the expert, the image indicates that a great battle once took place on the Red Planet.

In a recent blog post, Scott Waring of ET Data Base claimed to have spotted an alien relic on Mars. He came across the strange object while viewing the previous photos taken by NASA during its current mission on the Red Planet.

According to details of the image, it was taken by NASA’s Curiosity rover on SOL 701, which is equivalent to July 26, 2014, on Earth. The photo was taken by the rover’s right mast camera. While Waring was viewing the photo, he spotted an elongated object on the ground near the rover.

The UFO expert believes that the object could be a projectile used in an ancient Martian weapon. Waring noted that the object resembles a bullet.

“This tiny projectile is longer than most bullets but does appear to still be unused,” he stated in a blog post. “I see the head of the bullet, which looks like it was made from a copper alloy. The lower part of the projectile is the case, which is quite long.”

As Waring examined the image, he was able to identify certain features of the alleged bullet. He believed these features provided clues as to how it was used.

According to Waring, the alleged relic that appeared in NASA’s photo could be a remnant from an ancient battle that once took place on Mars. The UFO expert further claimed that this battle might have destroyed the planet, which would explain its current hostile conditions.

“The back part of the bullet has a square area which may have made each bullet manually loaded into the gun one at a time, meaning the gun held only one shot at a time,” he stated. “It may be a sign of a great battle taking place long ago. A battle that very well may have destroyed Mars itself.”

NASA has not provided a description of the object that Waring pointed out in the photo.

SOL 701
Photo taken by the Curiosity rover. NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS