Andrea Clevenger, a TV personality famous for her role on the now-defunct TLC reality series “Cheer Perfection,” was charged this week in connection to claims that she reportedly sexually assaulted a 13-year-old boy.

According a report from TMZ, the 34-year-old TLC network star was issued two warrants relating to sexual assault charges this week and subsequently turned herself in on Tuesday to the authorities in Sherwood, Ark. Clevenger, who starred alongside her daughter Kylie on the cheerleader-competition series, was reportedly issued one warrant for rape and another for “engaging children in sexually explicit conduct for use in a visual or print medium.”

Clevenger has since been released on bond with a GPS-enabled ankle bracelet.

Legal documents regarding the warrants allegedly made claims that Clevenger had sexual relations with an unidentified 13-year-old minor. TMZ reported that the TV mom allegedly commited the crime in her own home after telling the teen to remove his pants before engaging in sexual relations. “He says she climbed on top of him and had sex with him, and he claims he ejaculated in her mouth,” reads the report. The report also claims that the teen had oral sex with the reality star on two occasions in her vehicle and exchanged “explicit” pictures via text message.

According to, the sexual abuse was reported via an Arkansas Child Abuse Hotline on Nov. 27. TMZ reported that the minor's parents reported Clevenger after discovering the images in November.

Following the charges, “Cheer Perfection” fans have reached out to Clevenger’s daughter to give their moral support. “I hope everyone is supporting Kylie during this ordeal,” posted on fan on a “Cheer Perfection” Facebook fan page Wednesday. “She must be so embarrassed, but this shouldn’t reflect on her at all.”

Alisha Dunlap, a coach and co-owner of the gym featured in the reality series, Cheer Time Revolution, has also since indirectly addressed the controversy on social media. “Sometimes I feel deflated, down and discouraged,” the Gibson, Ark., coach posted on Twitter Wednesday, adding, “Thank you, God, I have had too many victories in my life to let defeat have the last word! It’s a new day!!”

“Cheer Perfection” aired on TLC in December 2012. The reality series, which lasted two seasons on the network, followed a group of competitive cheerleaders in central Arkansas and their mothers through a series of competitions. TLC released a statement regarding the recent allegations to Tuesday, saying, “The network made the decision a few months ago not to order more episodes, and we do not air the show in repeats."

Check out one of Clevenger's scenes from "Cheer Perfection" below: