Every summer, standup comedian Andy Kindler gives the "state of the industry" address at Montreal's Just For Laughs festival. Soon, the "Bob's Burgers" star will get to help shape the future of that industry — or at least make fun of it. 

Kindler will become the new host of the Comedy Dynamics standup series "Coming to the Stage," available on Hulu, beginning with Season 4 in late 2016.  Comedian Tom Green hosted Season 3, which premieres May 12, while comedian Dan Levy anchored Seasons 1 and 2. Kindler's first episodes begin filming in April.

Produced by independent standup production company Comedy Dynamics, "Coming to the Stage" showcases some of the best up-and-coming comedians in the country. The six-episode seasons are filmed in front of a live audience.

"Andy Kindler is a living legend. We are extremely blessed to have him host the next generation of stand-up comedians," said Brian Volk-Weiss, president of Comedy Dynamics said in a press release. "'Coming To The Stage' is the number one stand-up comedy series on Hulu. It is possible that we are working with the greatest generation of comedians in the history of stand-up comedy. And it’s an honor to be a part of it."

The lineup of comedians for Seasons 4 and 5 includes, Kyle Clark, Emily Maya Mills, Danny Solomon, Barbara Gray, Anto Chan, Kelly Landry, Erica Rhodes, Yedoye Travis, Jamie Loftus, Cory Loykasek, Neel Nanda, Feraz Ozel, Scout Durwood, Ify Nwadiwe, Tess Barker, Chinedu Unaka, Ross Everett, Kiran Deol, Richard Villa, Ever Mainard, Armando Anto, Dave Waite, Jamar Neighbors and Moses Storm.

Kindler is known for mocking the comedy industry itself in his standup routine. Most famously, Kindler comically critiques the industry at the Just for Laughs festival in his "state of the industry" address — in 2015 Kindler roasted Jerry Seinfeld for comments Seinfeld made about political correctness on college campuses. Seinfeld had been quoted as saying that comics he knows have to avoid colleges because the crowds are too politically correct. Kindler argued that Seinfeld was just whining about a failed joke. 

Kindler has also made numerous television and film appearances, including the recurring roles of neighbor Mort on the Fox animated comedy "Bob's Burgers" and sportswriter Andy on the beloved CBS sitcom "Everybody Loves Raymond." He has also been a contributor on Comedy Central's "The Daily Show." 

Watch Andy Kindler performing stand-up comedy in the clip below:

No premiere date has been announced yet for "Coming to the Stage" Season 4. The first two seasons of the show are currently available for streaming on Hulu.