Jeremy Meeks mugshot
Stockton Police Department photo shows Jeremy Meeks, 30, arrested on June 18, 2014, in a gang crackdown in a crime-ridden area of Stockton, California. Reuters

Is Angela Coates the new Jeremy Meeks? The 22-year-old’s mug shot has gone viral after the former Jet “Beauty of the Week” was arrested in Dekalb County, Georgia, last month for disorderly conduct. With a bail set at $360, many fans on social media offered to pay her legal fee simply because she is so attractive.

But there was no need. Coates was released from prison the same night she was arrested, according to Clutch magazine. Following her release on Aug. 26, Coates wrote on Twitter Wednesday after her mug shot went viral, “Y’all and this mugshot s---” before confirming her release from prison. “I was released the same night lol. This is straight comedy.”

Like Coates, Meek’s mugshot earlier this summer quickly captured the hearts and “likes” of thousands of Facebook users. Though the Stockton, California, man is a convicted felon and a married father of two, Facebook users left a barrage of comments on his photo, calling attention to Meeks’ good looks and model potential.

Coates, a Tampa, Florida native, currently lives in Miami. According to her modeling profile, she enjoys ballet, baking and designing shoes. The former student of Hillsborough Community College is 5 feet, 7 inches, and 140 pounds, according to Georgia Arrests.

While Coates may not be interested in the attention, Jet magazine was quick to comment on her mugshot: