Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt; Photo Credit: Reuters

Right now is big for photographers who make a living out of snapping photos of the most popular celebrities. From Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's engagement to Jessica Simpson's pregnancy, pricey shots of pivotal Hollywood moments are ripe for the taking.

The Daily canvassed the biz to find out which photographs are the most in-demand right now.

Photos from Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's upcoming wedding are slated to rake in the biggest pile of cash. Photos from the nuptials of Hollywood's Royal Couple could snag upwards of $2 million, according to Michelle Ruiz of The Daily.

That's going to be the wedding of the century, Gary Morgan, CEO of Splash photo agency, told Flash. They'll revive the industry - for that week, anyway. Morgan believes the shots will be closely guarded and will eventually be sold off to the highest bigger.

Frenzy surrounding the wedding is almost guaranteed.

This is really a state wedding, Stephen Galloway, executive editor of features at The Hollywood Reporter, told The Associated Press. This is America's equivalent to Prince William and Kate Middleton. Adding that it will surely be the media event of the new century.

The prominent engagement ring is giving the world a warning, said Galloway. It says look out, get ready.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are certainly no strangers to highly-sought photographs. On July 12, 2008, Jolie and Pitt's twins Vivienne and Knox were born in Nice, France. The couple sold the rights for the first photos to People and Hello! for a reported $14 million, making this the most expensive celebrity pictures ever sold. The couple donated the proceeds to their Jolie-Pitt Foundation.

Photos of Jessica Simpson's baby girl come in with the second-highest estimated price tag.


Jessica Simpson; Photo Credit: Elle magazine

Ever since the October announcement of her pregnancy, Jessica Simpson has been the brunt of pregnancy jokes. Many have poked fun at how seemingly endless the blonde bombshell's pregnancy has been. Jessica Simpson's baby just qualified for Medicare, Twitter user Jenny Johnson joked on April 21.

But Simpson might be laughing all the way to the bank. Photos of her newborn baby girl could fetch her as much as $500,000.

She's been so big for so long - literally and figuratively, an agency head told The Daily. The paparazzi have camped out around the Simpson compound, with her baby is due next month. But the former pop star is wise to their tactics. She keeps having decoys coming out of her house, Morgan lamented to Flash.

Jessica Simpson did give the world a look into her pregnancy when she posed naked for the cover of Elle magazine's April 2012 issue. Her nude and pregnant photo caused a deafening buzz across the Internet, with comments running the gamut from she looked gorgeous to what has she been eating? 

Since the release of her Elle magazine cover, Simpson has been very vocal about her pregnancy. Fans are not the only ones patiently anticipating the birth. Surely, everyone is eager to see those first photos of Simpson's first (long-awaited) child. 

Another hot shot is one of Jennifer Lawrence with British boyfriend Nicholas Hoult. The Hunger Games star is reportedly referred to as the sleeper among paparazzi targets, an industry insider told The Daily. Lawrence and Hoult are rarely photographed together, especially now that her popularity has taken off. 

We get demands in real time from websites around the world, asking: 'What have you got? Where's the boyfriend?' said the source. Some photos are floating around of the two playing basketball and walking in the afternoon sun.

The ideal photo set, an agency staffer told The Daily, would be of Lawrence in a bikini, set on an exotic beach, entangled with this guy. We could sell that in every major market in the world.

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