Angelina Jolie
Director and cast member Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt pose at the premiere of "By the Sea" during the opening night of AFI FEST 2015 in Hollywood, California, Nov. 5, 2015. Getty Images/ Mario Anzuoni

According to a latest report, actress Angelina Jolie might use a charge of “indecent exposure” filed against estranged husband Brad Pitt, decades ago, in an attempt to win the custody battle for their six children.

Pitt’s former publicist Phil Lobel told Radar Online the incident in question happened in 1988 and the “Troy” actor was 25 years old at the time.

“Brad was shooting the movie ‘Cutting Class’ on location in Malibu on Pacific Coast Highway in 1988,” Lobel said. “He called me and said, ‘Phil, you’re not going to believe what happened! We were so bored on set that me and my buddy started mooning cars on PCH.’”

“‘A mother and daughter were in one of the cars. They stopped at a police station in Malibu and said there were guys showing off their genitals on the street!’” Lobel said Pitt told him.

When the police arrived at the site where the movie was being shot, the producers reportedly convinced them not to arrest Pitt and his partner. Although the pair escaped going to jail, they were charged with indecent exposure, for which they ended up paying a hefty sum of money.

“I found an attorney who agreed to take Brad’s case for $1,000 — which was a huge sum of money for him back then,” Phil explained.

The attorney did manage to get the charge reduced to disturbing the peace.

Although, the publication did not clarify whether Jolie planned to use the charges against her estranged husband to her gain the upper hand in the custody battle, it did hint it was a possibility.

Los Angeles family law attorney Debra Opri told the publication, “If she wants to embarrass him, she can dredge it up as part of a legal filing.”

The “Maleficent” actress was reportedly no leaving any stones unturned when it came to fighting for her kids. A source told Entertainment Tonight back in August the actor was "sickened" Jolie and her legal team was letting their child custody battle play out in public.

“He wants this settled out of sight," the source said. “He knows this isn’t fair to the children. He’s saddened that they have to be a part of this [public fight].”

“Brad wants nothing more than to co-parent and the judge agreed," another source told the publication. "The custody agreement is in full effect and that has left Angelina seething with resentment and looking for any way to control the situation. Angelina is not in need of money and could easily put a payment plan together for child support with Brad without this aggressive approach, but this is the way she chooses to handle things.”

However, the second source added, Jolie was intentionally letting the custody battle escalate.

“Angie is actually ramping up a battle, despite being advised to calm thing down," the source claimed. "She was looking for a more aggressive approach and her attorney's most recent steps clearly reveal that. She has gotten a reputation of being very unreasonable throughout this divorce and things seems to be getting worse," the source added.