It’s the “Animal Kingdom” Season 2 finale and Smurf is still in jail which means the Cody family is still very much falling apart. As the men eagerly begin to go their separate ways there maybe one last thing that brings them back together.

In the beginning of episode 13, “Betrayal,” tensions are still running high as Baz (Scott Speedman) tells Lucy (Carolina Guerra) that he refuses to move to Mexico until he gets back everything Smurf (Ellen Barkin) stole from him.

Over at Smurf’s house, Pope (Shawn Hatosy) tells J (Finn Cole) that he should be worried about Baz while encouraging him to attend his upcoming high school graduation. However, before any enthusiasm about the big event can begin, Smurf calls J from jail.

J tells her that Baz wants him to go to see her lawyer to fix the power of attorney situation but she tells him not worry about it because she will take care of things. However, she does tell him to keep his eye on Pope because he has the tendency to hurt people, he doesn’t mean to, it just happens.

Meanwhile, at the bar, Deran (Jake Weary) seems to no longer trust Baz as he tells Craig (Ben Robson) that he is fine with the fact that J has power of attorney rather than Baz. He believes Baz would have screwed them over if he held all the cards.

Elsewhere, Baz and J make their way to the lawyer’s office where she was “called away” for a family matter and won’t be back. Furious over Smurf outsmarting him, Baz tells J that Smurf won’t protect him.

He begins to tell J a story about when his mother was 16, Smurf allowed a guy she was dating to rape the young girl because he was the inside man on a job. Pope beat the guy up and sent him packing but Smurf was furious because she lost her inside man, nine months later J was born.

Later on, during a surfing session, Craig tells Deran that he’s bothered that Smurf is in jail and thinks that if Baz can betray their mom then he is capable of anything. He also reminds Deran that Baz isn’t really family. The two then receive a text from Baz calling a family meeting.

Baz tells the Cody men that Smurf gave J power of attorney because she doesn’t trust them, however, J reveals it’s Baz that Smurf doesn’t trust and seeing as he was the one who put her in jail, and she wasn’t wrong.

Baz then attacks J as Craig and Deran try to pull them apart. Pope ends the fight by yelling at them to stop when he realizes that Lena (Aamya Deva Keroles) has entered the room. Lena has been spending a lot of time with Pope and has formed a strong bond with him. She even refused to go home with Baz after she found out Smurf was in jail.

After being told she will be in jail for the next six months or possibly a year, Smurf gets a visit from a detective who questions her about the recent bank robberies. The official suggests Pope is the culprit but Smurf denies that he had any involvement in those crimes.

The detective then tells her that if she gives up her boys and snitches on all of their crimes he’ll make sure her sentence is reduced.

When J visits Smurf in jail, he tells her what Baz said about his mother. She then explains that Baz is a liar but that he needs to come visit her because she is about to strike a deal with the authorities. Due to his visit with Smurf, J is late for graduation and seeing as Nicky’s (Molly Gordon) parents didn’t show up for the ceremony, the two decide to skip it.

Baz eventually makes his way over to the jail where Smurf tells him to ask Pope about Catherine (Daniella Alonso). She reveals that he doesn’t have Pope’s loyalty but she does because even though Pope loves Baz, he will always love her more. Smurf also tells Baz that Pope never got over the fact that Catherine chose him over Pope.

After Baz leaves, Smurf calls Pope telling him Baz knows he killed Catherine and he’ll be coming for him. Pope gets his gun and drives over to Deran’s bar looking for Baz and tells his brother if something happens to him he needs to take care of Lena.

Pope returns home and takes all of the bullets out of his gun and stares out at the ocean. Shortly after, Baz arrives at Pope’s place with a gun in hand ready to kill. As Baz holds a gun to his back, Pope tells him that he was selfish to take Catherine away from him. Baz knew Pope loved Catherine and still went after her not considering his feelings.

Pope then tells Baz that he can kill him and begins to beg him to pull the trigger. Surprisingly, Baz puts his gun away and grabs Pope telling him that he knows Smurf is responsible for Catherine’s death. He tells Pope that he forgives him and that he will always love and take care of him because they are brothers.

Back at Baz’s house, he continues to blame Smurf over Catherine’s death insisting Pope would have never hurt Catherine without Smurf telling him to do so.

Despite his somber mood, Lucy tells Baz that he needs to forget Smurf and continue on with their plan to move to Mexico. Just as Baz is about to drive off with Lucy to go get Lena and make the trip, a person dressed in all black walks in front of the car and shoots Baz.

Although he attempts to chase the shooter down, he eventually collapses due to his wounds. As the police arrive Lucy leaves Baz telling him she can’t stay. Lucy is later seen back at the house where Baz hid all of Smurf’s money and begins to steal it with the help of her brother Marco (Joseph Julian Soria).

“Animal Kingdom” has already been renewed for a third season and is expected to return to TNT next year.

Animal Kingdom
On “Animal Kingdom” Season 2, episode 13, Baz (Scott Speedman) attempts to keep the family in line after putting Smurf (Ellen Barkin) in jail. TNT