Animal Kingdom
On “Animal Kingdom” Season 2, episode 2, Craig (Ben Robson) and Pope (Shawn Hatosy) help Deran (Jake Weary). TNT

Although the Cody boys have seemingly turned their back on Smurf, the matriarch has no doubts that her sons will come crawling back to her. On “Animal Kingdom” Season 2, episode 2, the boys attempt to live life without their mother calling the shots.

“As Smurf (Ellen Barkin) adjusts to being sidelined, the boys scope out their next job,” the synopsis for “Karma” teases. In the TNT promo, Smurf can be heard talking down about her sons, confident that they won’t be successful without her.

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“Any idiot with a gun can pull a job, my boys never understood that,” she says.

In the previous episode, she messed up the last job by getting the days of the week confused, and the boys have been giving Smurf the cold shoulder. Baz (Scott Speedman) explained to her later that they felt it was unfair that she chose the jobs they pulled, and how much money everyone gets. He also said they've grown tired of doing everything she says.

Although they seem to be having trouble coming up with a plan for their next job, the Cody boys are more determined than ever to prove their mother wrong.

“Deran (Jake Weary) needs quick cash, and Pope (Shawn Hatosy) and Craig (Ben Robson) lend him a hand,” the synopsis says.

In the last episode, Deran revealed to Craig that he wanted to start his own business and buy a bar. The youngest Cody brother was seen giving some of the money needed for the down payment to a woman, but she informed him he needed $50,000 to buy the bar.

Since the last job didn’t go as planned, Deran is in a crunch for money and seems more determined than ever to break ties with his mother. In the promo, Deran is seen at what looks to be a wedding, holding a gun and wearing a mask, as guests scream in terror. How far will he go to get the rest of the funds needed to purchase the bar?

Baz meanwhile, will not only be focused on getting independence from his mother, but finding Catherine (Daniella Alonso) as well.

“Baz investigates Catherine’s disappearance,” the synopsis for episode 2, “Karma” states. After believing that Catherine has left him, Baz has been having trouble locating his wife and raising their daughter.

Although he thinks Catherine has abandoned their family, the audience is aware that Pope killed Catherine in Season 1 of the series. After Smurf convinced him that Catherine was going to betray them, Pope checked up on her only to find out that she was planning to run.

Realizing her loyalty no longer lay with the Codys, Pope killed her and Smurf has been trying to convince Baz that Catherine left him ever since. In the TNT promo, Baz can be seen making love to his girlfriend Lucy (Carolina Guerra) in his and Catherine’s bed. Lena (Aamya Deva Keroles) can later be seen celebrating, believing that her mother is home.

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Later on in the promo, Pope confronts Baz about being inconsiderate about his current situation, but Baz hits back, explaining that Pope doesn’t understand what he is going through and how hard it is to raise a kid by himself.

Will Pope ever tell Baz that he killed his wife or will he let the secret continue to eat him up inside?

“Animal Kingdom” Season 2, episode 2, airs Tuesday at 9 p.m. EDT on TNT.