Ann Coulter
“Roast of Rob Lowe” writers reveal jokes Ann Coulter didn’t want. Pictured: Ann Coulter at the “Comedy Central Roast of Rob Lowe” on Aug. 27, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. Getty Images/Alberto E. Rodriguez

Ann Coulter, the controversial conservative social and political commentator, is sticking to her guns on speaking on the campus of University of Berkeley, California, on Thursday, even as questions remain on her safety. And she has left it to the university police, demonstrators and counter-protestors to figure out their course of action.

The university chancellor, Nicholas Dirks, said last week in a statement that inviting Coulter on the campus sparked new concerns over safety and security. He said a new "protectable" venue would be found for Coulter to speak and rescheduled her speech to the afternoon of May 2 instead of April 27. Dirks said the location will be disclosed once campus officials have finalized the details with the Coulter organization and the two student organizations that invited her, the Berkeley College Republicans and BridgeUSA.

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Coulter — author of 10 political bestsellers, with titles such as "How To Talk To A Liberal (If You Must)" and "Demonic: How the Liberal is Endangering America" — is known for her controversial views on immigration and racism. Here are five statements from her that have made headlines.

1) “I don’t know America very well if they want to listen to a snarling Muslim lecture them and tell us we’re not allowed to have opinions on important public policy issues unless we had a son die in Iraq."

She said this last September about the father of slain soldier Humayun Khan, when he gave a speech at the Democratic National Convention, according to reports.

2) In 2014, Coulter told Fox News: "Instead of arguing about whether we're allowed to describe Muslim terrorists as 'Muslim terrorists' why don't we argue about whether it's a good idea to be letting in so many immigrants who then blow up the Boston Marathon?"

3) “A lot of people are upset when I talk about Mexican child rapes, Muslims clitorectomies, Muslim honor killings…white people don’t do that. America is not used to these types of crimes. We are bringing in cultures where child rape is very common."

4) On public schools: "Most public schools are, at best, nothing but expensive babysitting arrangements, helpfully keeping hoodlums off the street during daylight hours. At worst, they are criminal training labs, where teachers sexually abuse the children between drinking binges and acts of grand larceny."

5) “This is a country created by white people…I am a native because I am a descendant from settlers."