Ann Romney
Ann Romney is considered one of likely Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney's greatest assets on the campaign trail. But will her multiple sclerosis affect how active she can be in backing her husband? Reuters

Ann Romney appeared on ABC News Wednesday morning to defend her husband by claiming we've given all you people need to know regarding the Romney family finances.

Instead of helping her husband, Mitt Romney, she started a wave of backlash on Twitter and elsewhere. Now Ann Romney is a trending topic along with #YouPeople, and the video Ann Romney 'We've Given All You People Need To Know' isn't far behind.

He's a very generous person, she said. We give 10 percent of our income to our church every year. Do you think that is the kind of person who is trying to hide things? No. He is so good about it. Then when he was governor of Massachusetts he didn't take a salary for two years.

Then Romney was asked why her husband doesn't show these things, and she made her epic misstep. She said the reason why they don't put that out there (referring to the generous things Romney has done) is because then the Romneys become open for attack. Next her fatal comment followed, We've given all you people need to know.

The Obama campaign has been aggressively pressing to get Romney to release his tax returns. While President Barack Obama has shared his tax returns from 2000 through 2011, Romney has only released his tax returns from 2010, according to

The Obama campaign posted a picture that showed the years which Obama has revealed his tax returns versus the years Romney has shared his tax returns on the presidents Twitter page.

Most of what Ann Romney said wasn't that damaging, but the You people comment is all people are talking about. Not only did she do a horrible job defending Mitt Romney, she might have turned more people against him with those two words, You people.

People who took offense went to Twitter to share their outrage and opinions.

@Lolly_Jean tweeted, #YouPeople are so humorous, you think we actually care about your petty concerns. --Ann Romney

#YouPeople don't appreciate just how hard it is to properly deduct $77,000 for a blacktie dressage prom horse from your tax returns. #p2, @emal29 posted.

@Iversonphotos wrote, She right, #YouPeople will just have to wait until the rest of the documentary about Bane capital comes out this weekend. Right Rush?

#Romney's taxes must be really, really shady. I mean come on, just release the damn things. #WhatsMittHiding #GOP #YouPeople, @dusteallen shared.

Some people even have associated Ann Romney''s You people comment with racism.

#YouPeople Automatically #Racist, @D_Mulah97 blatantly wrote.

@CaptnKickYoNuts asked, what do you mean #YouPeople

But not everyone is sure why #YouPeople is trending, but wanted to jump on the hash tag bandwagon.

@Chellllsie chimed in, #YouPeople suck.

What do you think Ann Romney meant by You people?