• Anne Heche's car drove almost all the way through the house, and it almost immediately caught fire after the crash
  • Some residents tried to help the actress, but the house was filled with smoke, and Heche got trapped in her vehicle for over an hour
  • Heche suffered severe burns, and Lynne Bernstein believed that had they helped her get out of her car, she wouldn't be suffering that way

Anne Heche wasn't doing well and couldn't even raise her arm right after the car crash accident she got into on Friday.

A source close to the actress told CNN that Heche was "lucky" to survive the accident she got into last week. The insider added that it would take long for her to fully recover.

"Anne is in the ICU, she's lucky to be alive. She has severe burns and has a long recovery ahead. Her team and her family are still trying to process what led up to the crash," the source said.

Some neighbors in Los Angeles shared more details about the tragic car accident over the weekend. An eye witness said they couldn't believe the 53-year-old actress would survive the crash.

Lynne Bernstein, who has lived in nearby Venice with his wife Natalie since 1976, shared some details with People. He recalled how the vehicle drove "almost all the way through" the house and it "almost immediately" caught fire, causing the actress severe burns. According to a release, it took 59 firefighters and 65 minutes to extinguish the flame and extract the "13 Minutes" star.

"We were just looking inside, going 'How could you survive that?' Because we had a hard time breathing even outside of the house," he told the outlet. "So, somebody was watching out over her, I guess. I mean, as seriously injured she may be."

Bernstein and his fellow neighbors, Dave and Gabriel, rushed to the scene. According to Bernstein, Dave got into the back of the car and was able to speak to Heche.

"She responded that she wasn't doing real well," Bernstein said. "He actually talked to her briefly. Yeah, he asked her to raise her hand or something ... if she was okay and she said she couldn't."

Bernstein believed that if they were able to help Heche get out of her car right after the accident and before the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) arrived, "maybe she wouldn't be suffering the way she is now." However, while trying to help Heche, they were also "having a hard time seeing and breathing."

The smoke filled the house while Gabriel began hosting down the fire as Dave attempted to extract Heche from the car. But Dave was also overcame by the smoke. He went to the back of the house to see if there was another way to extract Heche, probably from the front of the vehicle. But the smoke in the backyard was also intense.

According to Bernstein, the home's resident "was in shock" when she first saw the three men before noticing the vehicle. He recalled the resident's reaction, asking them, "What happened?"

"She was extremely fortunate. So were the dogs and her turtle," Bernstein said of the resident.

Heche's rep said that she was already in a stable condition Saturday. Her family asked for prayers and privacy as she continued her recovery.

"Anne is currently in stable condition," her rep said in a statement to People. "Her family and friends ask for your thoughts and prayers and to respect her privacy during this difficult time."

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