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As we emerged from the grips of a crippling global pandemic, many speculated that the 20s would present an opportunity to collectively press 'reset' and instigate some fundamental changes in the ways we treat the planet, one another, and perhaps, most crucially of all, ourselves.

However, instead of seeing the light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel, we have been greeted by extreme droughts across much of the West, wildfires spreading across America, Europe, and Russia alike, devastating monsoons in Pakistan, and numerous other offshoots of the worsening climate crisis. Pessimism seems to be the post-pandemic worldview of choice and many would argue, when looking around at the fractious state of global affairs, that this is with good reason. It can at times feel as though we are regressing, rather than progressing.

Anneloes Smitsman
Anneloes Smitsman Anneloes Smitsman

Dr. Anneloes Smitsman, Ph.D, LLM, is taking a future inspiring approach. She is aiming to shift humanity's trajectory in favor of life. Smitsman is an award-winning pioneer in human development and systems change. She is in charge of EARTHwise Centre, a non-profit organization, leading the way for designing new models and developing capacities for a world that works for all.

"Currently, many interactions with the world around us are built on extractive systems and mechanistic growth models that breed division and harmful competition. This may have benefited us in the short-term, but can we call this progress if it comes at the cost of our planet and future wellbeing? Ultimately, these mechanistic models are sowing further seeds of separation that undermine our future. Many dynamics we are witnessing across the planet are characterized by tensions and divisions, which results from the ways we have been developing our societies and human lives," underlines Smitsman.

Smitsman is utilizing her extensive expertise across a variety of related fields, from systems science, human development, cosmology, to law and political science, in order to formulate solutions to these deep-seated, systemic issues. She was recently awarded the 2022 Visioneers Lifetime Achievement Award, and was crowned overall winner in the category "Human Development" of the 2022 Africa's Most Respected CEOs Awards. This award acknowledges CEOs' contributions to the attainment of SDGs by African States.

Smitsman is also the lead architect of the SEEDS Constitution, which outlines a novel alternative through forward-thinking integration of blockchain technology and multi-layered digital currencies and tokens, to foster regenerative economic systems and governance. Furthermore, she is a steward for Hypha, which is dedicated to providing support for organizations and networks transitioning into Decentralized Autonomous Organizations. These revolve around new forms of ecosystemic organizational structures with no central 'authority' or hierarchical leadership body, and instead emphasize values and practices of co-creation and coordination. These are becoming increasingly popular, with top DAO treasuries now holding a collective $10 billion around the world.

Her pursuits revolve around three core areas that Smitsman considers pivotal aspects of humanity that must be transformed for genuine progress: human development, economics, and governance. Her strategies, models, and dialogues for systemic transformation have been implemented by numerous organizations and networks around the world, based on her groundbreaking Ph.D. research Into the Heart of Systems Change and its proposed Transition Plan for a Thrivable Civilization, at Maastricht University, the Netherlands. Smitsman's EARTHwise projects, including the innovative Earth Song initiative that engages the power of music for social change, are focussed on empowering the necessary transformations of the human world. Furthermore, Smitsman's Education for Sustainability program, which she led for 7 years in Mauritius, has reached over 20,000 students.

To become the future humans for a thriving world, Smitsman co-authored with Dr. Jean Houston, Ph.D. the highly acclaimed bestsellers of the Future Humans Trilogy. The trilogy includes, The Quest of Rose, winner of the 2022 Silver Nautilus Book Award, and Return of the Avatars, which feature Smitsman's novel designs for a Future Humans Game with a Cosmic Compass. The books further help to mainstream the radical new insights that are emerging from the frontiers of a new paradigm in science and consciousness about the nature of reality and the universe.

In terms of the third prong, governance, Smitsman is working towards enhancing this through the aforementioned SEEDS Constitution, and her long-term project of constitutional design for the future. Additionally, Smitsman has co-authored and co-edited The New Paradigm In Politics with Prof. Alexander Laszlo, Ph.D, which outlines a variety of strategies for initiating systemic changes in governance and the political sphere.

Smitsman's work has been modeled on the architecture of living systems, which are defined by principles of interdependence and evolutionary development. Smitsman highlights how we must embrace these principles to transform humanity's tendency towards imposition and control.

"My commitment is to equip organizations, communities, governmental bodies, and individuals with the understanding and necessary capacities for the required systemic changes that the world needs on multiple fronts. The choice is ours to become the change required for a thriving world and future, instead of regressing towards trajectories of collapse by undermining our planetary health and collective wellbeing," concludes Smitsman.

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