Anthony Scaramucci
Anthony Scaramucci, pictured July 21, 2017 answering reporters' questions in the White House, Donald Trump's newly appointed communications director once referred to him as a 'hack politician.' Getty Images

Anthony Scaramucci, who was confirmed to be the new White House Communications Director as Sean Spicer exits his Press Secretary post, hasn't always been pro-Trump. A two-year-old video emerged Friday on Twitter shortly following the announcement of Scaramucci speaking with fellow Fox News commentators about Donald Trump, quickly referring to him as a "hack politician."

Kyle Griffin, a producer for MSNBC's "The Last Word," alerted Twitter users Friday to Scaramucci's comments in opposition of Trump. Griffin wrote, "Watch. Scaramucci ripped into Trump in August 2015: 'He's a hack politician.'" The video footage show's the other hosts having a hard time breaking Scaramucci from his rant, barely getting in a word edge wise as he claimed that Trump is "a Democratic plant for Hillary Clinton."

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"He's a hack politician," Scaramucci said to his fellow Fox News commentators. "He's probably going to make Elizabeth Warren his Vice Presidential nominee with comments like that. It's anti-American [and] it's very divisive. I can tell you who he's going to be president of, and you can tell Donald I said this, the Queens County bully association — you got to cut it out now and stop all [of] this crazy rhetoric."

A commentator responded to Scaramucci's comments, saying, "I like how you say that now when I've had a problem with the way he talked to women for years and now he goes after you."

"I don't like the way he talks about women, I don't like the way he talks to our friend Megyn Kelly and, you know what? The politicians don't want to go at Trump because he's got a big mouth and he's afraid he's going to get....[talked about] on Fox News and all these other places," he added. "I'm not a politician — bring it. You're an inherited money dude from Queens County. Bring it, Donald."

Several Twitter users replied to Griffin's tweet, showing a lack of surprise over Scaramucci's comments. One user wrote, "Explains why Trump is picking @Scaramucci. Trump LOVES people who easily compromise their principles for money. He despises the principled." Another user added, "Kellyanne [Conway] was originally critical of Trump too and we saw how long that lasted." A third user believed that "Some brave reporter should play this at the press briefing today and then say, 'Care to comment?'"

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Scaramucci's name became a trending topic on Twitter upon confirmation, primarily receiving mixed reviews.

One user wrote, "Anthony Scaramucci called Trump a hack in 2015. Now he's singing his praises. He's a lying opportunist who can't be trusted." Another added, "Sean Spicer has resigned because he disagrees with Trump's appointment of Anthony Scaramucci, a man with ties to Russian banks."

Hours after Scaramucci's confirmation, he reportedly deleted negative tweets about Trump from his Twitter account, according to The Daily Beast. The deleted tweets were first seen by Josh Billinson, a journalist who was previously blocked by the new communications director.

Scaramucci is a financier, entrepreneur and author. He's a consistent contributor to the Fox Business Network and Fox News Channel. Scaramucci's business knowledge has allowed him to previously co-host "Wall Street Week," a show geared towards discussing investment news. He also founded investment firm SkyBridge Capital, which specializes hedge funds and other services. As Trump's newly hired communications director, Scaramucci will be responsible for developing and promoting the president's media campaign.

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