There are plenty of good horror films available to watch on Netflix on Valentine's Day. Reuters

Many couples will choose to watch a romantic movie on Valentine’s Day, but others will be looking to enjoy a different type of film. There are plenty of options for those that don’t plan on seeing something like “Fifty Shades Darker” on Feb. 14.

While a lot of well-known scary films can be found online or on demand, a few seem to be more appropriate than others for the holiday. Consider watching these five horror movies that are currently streaming on Netflix.

“It Follows”

One of the best horror movies of the last decade, “It Follows” was universally praised by critics with a 97 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The 2014 film might make you wish you were single. It revolves around people that have contracted a lethal curse, which can only be shed by sleeping with someone and passing it on to them.

“The Invitation”

As much of a mystery film as it is a horror movie, “The Invitation” will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. A couple is invited to a dinner party hosted by the boyfriend’s ex-wife and her new husband, but the get-together isn’t what it initially seems to be.

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You probably haven’t heard of this movie, but it might be the perfect horror film to watch on Valentine’s Day. It follows two newlyweds during their honeymoon, which goes horribly wrong.

“13 Cameras”

This creepy thriller could make you and your significant other a little paranoid when cuddling up together on the most romantic day of the year. The film is about a newlywed couple that is secretly being watched by their landlord, who has installed cameras in the home.

“The Shining”

There are plenty of lesser known horror flicks available to stream on Netflix, but you can’t go wrong with watching a classic on Valentine’s Day. Jack Nicholson puts on one of his best performances as Jack Torrance, who goes mad while staying with his wife and son at Overlook Hotel.