Prince William and Prince Harry didn’t do anything to end their rumored rift on their recent outing.

On Sunday, the royals gathered together to celebrate Easter and Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday. Prince William, Kate Middleton and Prince Harry reunited along with the rest of the members of the royal family.

However, body language expert Judi James noticed how Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s two sons arrived separately. Also, they didn’t stand next to each other.

“Even the act of arriving and leaving the Easter service separately was guaranteed to deepen speculation of a widening rift between William and Harry,” James told Fabulous Online.

She added that the Duke of Sussex had a “peculiar” body language behavior when he was close to the Duke of Cambridge. She felt that Meghan Markle’s husband was “desperate to avoid” his older brother.

“Harry, Kate and William had always been so well bonded but suddenly it was Harry looking serious and using body language cues to hint at some heightened levels of anxiety when he was with them,” the expert continued.

She also pointed out how the royal trio lacked their spark. She added that the “kind of kidding and fun” that used to accompany Prince William and Prince Harry when they are together has vanished. There’s also a lack of eye contact and tie signs.

James believed that Easter church is a good opportunity for the royal brothers to end their rumored rift. So, she found it puzzling why Prince Harry would avoid Prince William when their proximity made contact inevitable.

Prince Harry was seen talking to Middleton as the Duchess of Cambridge smiled and laughed. However, there were no signs of the two brothers and their usual spark. James explained that Prince Harry might be anxious since Markle is due to give birth to their first baby.

“It still wouldn’t explain why - knowing the speculation about their relationship - Harry and William would chose to add fuel to the rumours rather than damping them down by arriving separately and keeping apart,” James concluded.

Earlier this month, Prince Harry and Prince William accompanied their father, Prince Charles, at the premiere of Sir David Attenborough’s new Netflix documentary. A different body language expert, Peter Clayton, also noticed the same thing as James’ observation — the royal brothers appeared distant and were not doing anything to put on a united front.

Clayton said that the two instead kept their distance. He concluded that their actions suggested a “more serious falling out.”