Prince William used to tease his younger brother, Prince Harry, for his lack of love life.

According to Alice Scarsi of Express, the Duke of Cambridge used to mock the Duke of Sussex when he didn’t have a girlfriend. Prince Harry remained single for several months after his split from Cressida Bonas in 2014.

“You are an official gooseberry,” Prince William told Prince Harry.

The insider who revealed this detail to Duncan Larcombe in his book “Prince Harry: The Inside Story” added that the remark would have made Prince Harry very angry had it came from anyone else.

“But William’s words were meant in jest, and as the royal protection officers drove them back home that night in the late spring of 2016 Harry was able to laugh them off in his usual way,” the source continued. “In reality, William was spot on.”

Instead of getting back to the dating world immediately, Prince Harry focused on his royal duties and tagged along the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Prince Harry was always with Prince William and Kate Middleton that they were dubbed the “royal trio.”

Prince Harry was so close to the couple that he made a surprise for them on their royal wedding. He arranged a short drive back to Clarence House for the newlyweds with their father’s beloved open-topped Aston Martin Volante. It was decked out in balloons, red white and blue streamers and had a “JU5T WED.”

Prince William and Middleton were so delighted when they saw it. He also gave a heartfelt speech at the wedding reception that made the Duchess of Cambridge shed a tear.

Prince Harry’s speech also included his classic sense of humor. The duke was reportedly supposed to include Middleton’s killer legs, but his then-girlfriend Chelsy Davy who helped him edit it ordered that he delete the line as it might embarrass the bride.

According to Katie Nicholl in her 2017 book “ Harry: Life, Loss and Love,” Prince Harry felt that he was losing everything when he occupied Nottingham Cottage that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge occupied before they moved to Norfolk. Prince Harry was reportedly happy that his brother was married. However, he missed their friendship and at some points was very bitter about it.