• "Aoashi" Episode 18 is airing Saturday
  • The episode will live stream on Crunchyroll
  • The anime is based on Yugo Kobayashi's original work

Esperion B is leading in the first half of the match against Tama Sports U. "Aoashi" Episode 18 will see the beginning of the second half. The new episode is titled "Wind of Change."

The official website has released the synopsis along with spoiler stills and a preview trailer. Due to Yoshitsune’s excellent work as a forward, Esperion B has a one-point lead.

In the second half, Tama Sports U scores a goal due to a mistake in cooperation between Togashi and Takeshima.

Meanwhile, Isshiki is wounded and Esperion B needs to change the formation. Togashi and Ashito are instructed to move forward. And this is when Ashito thinks about Date’s words – “Use what you learned in defense to attack.”

In the previous episode, titled "Tokyo Metropolis League Match 7 — Tama Sports University High School," Kaneda was not pleased to run into Ashito and the others.

Meanwhile, Ashito was happy to see Kaneda and Nakano. However, Kaneda didn’t want to associate with them and even asked Nakano to stay away from the Esperion Youth team.

Ashito asked Kaneda what his problem was. Kaneda blamed Ashito for the mess at the tryout. Tachibana intervened and told Kaneda that he was blaming others for his own shortcomings.

Kaneda told Ashito and the others that he scored seven goals playing as a forward in the Metropolis League. He ended up mocking Ashito for not scoring any despite playing every single game.

“Ashito and others have an unexpected reunion with Nakano and Kaneda, who played alongside him at the tryouts. After failing the tryouts for Esperion, Nakano and Kaneda joined the current top team in the league, Tokyo Musashino Soccer Club Youth, where Tachibana used to play. While Nakano is happy to see Ashito and others, Kaneda blames Ashito for his failing the tryouts,” reads the official synopsis of Episode 17, as per Crunchyroll.

The anime is based on the original work by Yugo Kobayashi. Its opening theme, "Mushin Hakusu," is performed by Alexandros, while the closing theme song, titled "Blue Diary," is by Rinne.

"Aoashi" Episode 18 is scheduled to release Saturday. Fans in the U.S. can tune into Crunchyroll to live stream the latest episode. The new episode will stream in Japanese with English subtitles.

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