Apple unveiled a solution for the MacBook Air overheating problems which were alleged to be associated with some internal errors.

Update 1.0 of the notebook's system management control fine tunes the speed and operation of the fan, said Apple in a statement after the release of the software.

The low performance of the notebook's fan apparently caused the MacBook Air to overheat and then lockup, leaving the machine unresponsive for about 10 to 15 seconds.

In January, Apple warned buyers of MacBook buyers not to attempt use software from older Macs to install the new laptop's operating system.

The Mac OSX 10.5 installation media that shipped with your MacBook AIr is designed for use on this computer only, said Apple, in a support document.

The MacBook Air lacks an optical drive and its users who need to install Leopard have always to go through Apple's external SuperDrive which works only with the MacBook Air.