Auxo, the enhanced multitasking tray for jailbroken iOS devices, is now available to purchase through Cydia. Courtesy/

Apple may not like outsiders jailbreaking into its iOS ecosystem, but every now and then, a developer creates a jailbreak app that makes us wonder, "Why didn't Apple think of that first?"

The Auxo app switcher is one of those apps. And as of Wednesday morning, Auxo is now available for purchase through the Cydia Store for $1.99. Think of it as a semi-late Christmas gift for yourself -- if you have a jailbroken iOS 6 device, that is.

Auxo has a pretty interesting backstory to it. The idea for an improved iOS app switcher was created by a designer named @Sentry_NC -- he wanted to take advantage of the iPhone 5's elongated screen and use the extra space to show more information to the user. Not only would users be able to see previews of each app running in the toolbar, but they'd also have access to significantly more settings within that same toolbar, such as the Wi-Fi connection and screen brightness.

After posting his concept art on the Verge's forums, Sentry felt compelled to make his dream a reality. He got in contact with two app developers, and they made his dream come true.

With Auxo, the jailbroken iPhone 5 becomes a much more fluid experience for iOS users. Users can see living previews of their apps in the multitasking tray, including the full screens of each app they'd potentially click on, but apps can also be deleted more quickly and easily than ever before.

To remove an app from the toolbar, just swipe down; the toolbar is also smart enough to recognize multi-touch gestures, so you can use two fingers to remove two apps at the same time.

If you tap and hold an app in your multitasking tray with Auxo, you'll be asked if you want to remove all of the apps currently running in your toolbar. This is an extremely useful feature, because as of now, Apple has no way to quickly and easily delete all your running apps in iOS 6.

Arguably, the best part about Auxo, however, is the extra settings you get when you swipe left on your toolbar.

In non-jailbroken iOS devices, swiping left in the toolbar only gives you a few options to control your music, volume and screen orientation. With Auxo, users can add eight settings from your System Preferences for easy access, such as screen brightness, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G, Bluetooth, Mute, Airplane Mode, Personal Hotspot, and more.

Even better, when you tap and hold one of these settings, it'll actually open up the full page for the setting within the device's System Preferences, which is a very smart design move.

All in all, the features in Auxo are nothing revolutionary, but it definitely thinks, feels, and acts like a feature made by Apple. It's smart, it's fast, it's beautiful, but best of all, it gives the multitasking tray much more power than it's ever had before. It's just a shame this feature isn't available for iOS users that don't jailbreak their devices.

Auxo is now available on the Cydia Store for $1.99. Watch the video from iDownloadblog below to learn how Auxo works.