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Taiwan based Digitimes, a common source for Apple component news, has issued a new report saying their sources indicate two new iPads in 2012, one in March and one in October. That could be good news for tablet lovers because it would mean faster updates on current devices or a faster turnaround time for new devices. Apple usually waits at least a year between similar type product launches, so this could signal a new, post-Steve Jobs release cycle for the company.

Digitimes cited their souces as saying the iPad 3 would come with a full HD display and the iPad 4 would feature killer applications. The report doesn't say what exactly what killer applications might mean, however. It does indicate iPad 3 could debut with a QXGA 2048 x 1536p resolution display, and a better battery, but not much else that might get people super-excited about the device. Their source added the iPad 3 launch would also give Apple the opportune time to drop the price of the iPad 2 to $400. That would be huge because one of the biggest reasons Android tablets sell so well is they are cheaper than the iPad 2. A $400 iPad 2 would really put the pressure on those Android devices.

Additionally, the report claims the iPad 4 will debut in time for the run-up to the holiday shopping season at the end of the year. This device, they say, will feature the highly anticipated hardware upgrades and integrated functions many are hoping for in the iPad 3. Again, there are no more details, but it could be a reference to things like 4G, improved camera lenses and sensors or even 3D gesture controls and a rimless panel. Tell us in the comments if you are waiting for the iPad 3 or if you're just as likely to jump at a reduced price iPad 2.