Apple has recently introduced the latest macOS Catalina update which  further improves the  Mac computer units to be a more reliable tool. The update equips Apple’s longtime computer system with new tools to help its owners with some heavy projects, and gaming. Moreover, the new macOS Catalina upgrades also allows the Mac to sync features with the iPad.

iPad Synergy

The new macOS Catalina has many features that allows the Apple computer to use iPads as a complimentary device to its new features.

The new macOS Catalina is greatly compatible to many relied apps on the iPads and will have its data seamlessly transferred when used on the Mac. Apps such as  Tripit, Rosetta Stone, Twitter, Zoho Books, Good Notes, Carrot Weather, and Twitter can be easily used on the Mac too as of the Catalina update. However, these apps may still feel like an iPad app rather than completely made into a Mac app.

Additionally, the iPad can also be used as a secondary screen for the Mac. The Mac Sidecar feature is built-in the new macOS Catalina update which quickly allows iPads to sync up with Macs to become its complimentary screen. However, the Mac unit’s display completely dwarfs iPad but can be useful to display workplace chat rooms or real-time data views.

Lastly, the Sidecar iPad can also be made into a drawing tablet if an Apple Pencil is available to sync with it.

Compatible Apps After iTunes

Like the changes with the iOS, the macOS Catalina update is also given apps after the iTunes was decommissioned and dissected into many specified apps. Users won’t have to worry where the iTunes files went as recovering them only needs to install the specific app for the job. However, some rare cases are confirmed where Apple puts it to a different app than expected.

Apple Arcade For Gaming

The macOS Catalina is also compatible with Apple’s gaming platform, Apple Arcade. Even though Apple is still young in this industry, the company has managed to secure exclusives from great developers. One of these exclusives is Fantasian, directed by the Final Fantasy creator himself, Hironobu Sakaguchi.

The platform also has a PS4 and Xbox One controller support which makes the Mac feel like a flexible console. However, Apple has yet to make waves in this industry and fully open itself up to many AAA games currently out in the market.

apple macbook pro MacBook Pros are seen on display during a product launch event at Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California on October 27, 2016. Photo: JOSH EDELSON/AFP/Getty Images