Apple’s iPhone 6 wasn’t the only star of the Apple Inc.'s (NASDAQ:AAPL) highly-anticipated keynote Tuesday. The company’s newest smartphone model is now sharing the spotlight with a man being deemed by the Web as “Scarf Guy.” The speaker, identified but not confirmed to be Tommy Krul of Super Evil Megacorp, has since gained worldwide recognition for his decision to sport a purple infinity scarf paired with a button-down shirt onstage at the phone’s launch. The fashion accessory has resulted in a outpouring of comments from Apple fans, the trending hashtag #scarfguy and one parody Twitter account that already had 590 followers and counting late Tuesday afternoon. Here is how the world is reacting to the internet’s newest (fashion) star: 

Some are speculating that Scarf Guy confused the Apple event with New York Fashion Week.

Nonetheless, Scarf Guy has already inspired a few Halloween costumes.