It’s only been about a week since Apple released iOS 6.1 to the public, but the iPhone maker is already pushing forward with a new update, seeding the first beta version of iOS 6.1.1 on Thursday to its developer base.

The timing of iOS 6.1.1 is somewhat curious, considering how the Evasi0n untethered jailbreak for all iOS 6.x devices just went live two days ago. It is currently unknown whether or not this new iOS 6.1.1 update will patch any of the bugs or exploits used by the Evad3rs team to create the Evasi0n untethered jailbreak, but we will report back as soon as we learn more. If you are a developer, you plan to download the iOS 6.1.1 beta 1 and you have already downloaded the Evasi0n jailbreak, please reach out to us -- via email or comments -- and let us know if and how your Evasi0n-jailbroken iOS device has been affected.

While most iOS updates feature bug fixes and patch exploits, it’s possible the Evasi0n jailbreak is completely unaffected. If it is, however, Evad3rs may need to spend a few extra months to get the untethered jailbreak back in working order.

The iOS 6.1.1 update is a bit atypical of iOS updates: Apparently, unlike other previous iOS betas that have expiration dates, this one does not have a set expiration date, meaning it is likely a significant update.

The beta 1 for iOS 6.1.1 may not be too significant here in the U.S., but interestingly enough, the update features some major improvements for Apple Maps in Japan. 9to5Mac has the details:

- Improved pronunciation of roads during turn-by-turn navigation

- Optimized directions to more strongly prefer highways over narrower roads

- Now indicates upcoming toll roads during turn-by-turn navigation

- Added labels for junctions, interchanges, on-ramps, off-ramps, and intersections

- Added indicators for transit station buildings, subway lines, and traffic lights

- Updated freeway color to green

- Updated icons for some location categories including fire stations, hospitals, and post offices

- Added 3D buildings including Tokyo Station, Japan Imperial Palace, and Tokyo Tower

Adding these new Maps features for Japan is certainly a good move for Apple, which allegedly has plans this year to make greater inroads in Asia, particularly in China, India and Japan. The company’s plans to release a cheaper, large-screen iPhone will certainly appeal to those Far East countries.

iOS 6.1 added a handful of useful features to the iPhone, iPad and iPod, bringing LTE support to 36 more carriers around the globe, as well as improvements to iTunes Match and Siri. As iLounge editor-in-chief Jeremy Horwitz points out, however, owners of Apple’s third-generation iPad (“iPad 3”) will be unable to access any of the new LTE carriers. Apple seeded five beta versions of iOS 6.1 before releasing the final version to the public.