Apple TV's new update tvOS 10.1.
Apple TV's new update tvOS 10.1. Apple

Apple is rumored to roll out new features on the Apple TV’s tvOS 11 update, which will allow for multi-user use, Israeli blog The Verifier said.

The new update is expected to be announced alongside the macOS 10.13, watchOS 4 and the iOS updates at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose, Calif. in June.

Multi-User Profiles On The Apple TV

Apple is rumored to integrate a multi-user support feature on the Apple TV, which will allow users to create their own profiles tailored to content they like, similar to Netflix. Owners would be able to connect their Apple ID to the Apple TV to create their profile using an iOS device, an anonymous source told The Verifier.

Users would be able to listen to their Apple Music content, view their iCloud photos and videos and use their apps once the Apple ID is linked to the Apple TV. Users will only have to connect their account once and then would be able to switch from and to profiles on the Apple TV easily, just like on Macs.

Work on the new feature is said to be “in advanced stages,” but it could come after the first tvOS 11 update.

Apple TV’s New Picture-In-Picture Feature

Apple is also rumored to roll out a picture-in-picture feature, which would allow users to minimize the window of a movie or video to the corner of the screen to go to another app, according to The Verifier.

The blog also said Apple will incorporate a live programming guide and offer monthly subscription TV content through partnerships, which has been rumored before. Earlier this month, a Recode report said Apple is apparently looking into selling a “premium TV bundle” which would include HBO, Showtime and Starz.

For the future of the Apple TV, Apple is reportedly working on a new model of the Apple TV that could allow AR and VR content to be viewed “from the simulated stacked reality monitors directly on the TV via AirPlay,” the Israeli blog said this month. It was revealed in February Apple reportedly has 1,000 engineers working on augmented reality in Israel.

The rumored updates for the Apple TV could help the Cupertino company compete against the Amazon Fire TV and Roku.