Apple Watch
The Apple Watch sold well in its first week after being released in April, but sales have fallen 90 percent since then, according to Slice Intelligence. Reuters/Edgar Su

The Apple Watch got off to a hot start when it went on sale in April, but since then, things have not been so great. Daily sales of Apple's shiny new product have fallen off a drastic 90 percent since the release, according to Slice Intelligence, a market research firm.

Apple is now selling fewer than 20,000 Apple Watch units per day, and on slow days, that number drops below 10,000 units, Slice Intelligence said. By comparison, Apple is estimated to have sold about 1.5 million Apple Watches in the first week, or an average of about 200,000 per day.

The bulk of sales are also coming from the entry level Apple Watch Sport, which starts at $350. The Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition models, which start at $550 and $10,000, respectively, have made up just one-third of overall Apple Watch sales.

Slice Intelligence gathered its data from electronic receipts sent by Apple to consumers who have purchased the Apple Watch, MarketWatch reported. You can see the decline of Apple Watch sales in the graph below.

Apple Watches Sold By Day
Apple Watch sales got off to a fast start, but now, there are some days when Apple sells less than 10,000 units, according to Slice Intelligence. Slice Intelligence

Besides slowing sales, Apple may be faced with an even bigger issue: customers already growing tired of the Apple Watch. On Twitter, some users are starting to complain they never use their Apple Watch or that they don't find it helpful.

Fortunately for Apple, this is only the first generation of the Apple Watch, and as more developers write apps for the device over time, consumers may start to see the value in the wearable gizmo. Last month alone, Apple announced WatchOS 2, the second edition of the Apple Watch's software, which will give developers more capabilities for the apps they write.