April Fools Day
April Fools Day pranks for 2014. Creative Commons

April Fools Day is upon us and many have been searching the Internet for the best pranks for Tuesday, April 1. Luckily, International Business Times has gathered some of the silliest tricks out there (courtesy of Lady Create-a-Lot and Glo), one that will surely fool the people you love and maybe even the individuals you don't care for.

Cream Cheese Deodorant:

There's nothing like fooling someone with morning shenanigans, especially before that morning coffee kicks in. By shaving off an inch of stick deodorant and replacing it with cream cheese, someone will be walking around smelling funky before he or she even realizes it’s April Fools Day.

Toilet Bowl Tricks:

Plastic-wrapping the toilet bowl might be funny, but it’s also messy. A better way to fool someone is by placing bubble wrap underneath the toilet seat so when the person sits down, they’ll get spooked by the popping noises.

Soap or Nope?

For a soap that won’t lather, paint a bar of soap with clear nail polish.

Blue Teeth:

For another bathroom gag, place food coloring on the toothbrush. Blue is a good color, but only if it matches the brush. Try to pick a color that blends in so the person doesn’t notice until he or she begins to brush. To add to the trick, put some numbing Oragel deep in the base of the bristles.

Change Your Contact Information:

This will only work if you’re willing to delete earlier texts and if the person doesn’t know your number by heart: Replace your contact information in the other person’s phone with the name of a cartoon character, celebrity or person from his past. Send silly messages. It could be a one-trick idea or a gag that lasts for hours.

Quick Pranks:

-Right before the victim wakes up, toilet paper the bed.

-Vaseline the doorknob.

-Put piles of confetti on top of ceiling fans.

-Put opaque tape on front of the remote-control censor.

-Replace hand soap with hair gel.

-Set the television to an obnoxiously loud volume and shut it off, so when they turn it on, they’ll be in for a surprise.

-Set all clocks an hour ahead, and that goes for alarms.

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