April the giraffe
April the pregnant giraffe showed "significant kicks and movements" on her left side before giving birth on the live cam. Courtesy of Animal Adventure Park, All Rights Reserved

Viewers of the April the pregnant giraffe’s live stream soared Wednesday when it was revealed she might be close to active labor. The animal normally has up to 100,000 viewers at any time, but there were more than 11 million people watching when Animal Adventure Park, the zoo where she is housed, reported there was discharge, which meant she was close to giving birth — finally!

People eagerly tuned into April’s live stream for more than a month. Animal Adventure Park even garnered sponsorship from Toys ‘R Us.

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The zoo was late with their update because they were focused on April’s status. Normally, the inform followers about her progress around 9 a.m., but didn’t post until an hour later.

“We apologize for the late update but it is for good reason. We will not confirm active labor, but we do have discharge that would suggest the countdown to calf has begun!” Animal Adventure Park reported Wednesday. “Mammary development is on point and picture is in comments. We will keep everyone posted throughout the day with developments. Our team and veterinarian are on standby. We could be hours away or days — so do not stop your day — but certainly don't stop watching!”

Since the calf was near, the zoo added some information about giraffe births. For instance, once April starts active labor, the calf could be born in 30 to 60 minutes. The baby should be standing within the first hour, even though it will fall numerous times.

“[It] is all part of the process and we cannot intervene,” the zoo wrote. “Once standing, we want baby to nurse within the next 60-120 minutes to get the essential colostrum. Our team will not intervene unless we absolutely have to. You will not see us in the stall, but we are all there waiting.”

Finally, the zoo warned that something bad could happen. “Tragedy can strike, and we are prepared, but have faith we will have a safe and sound delivery and calf. Hooves crossed,” they said.

The post was liked more than 20,000 times by the zoo’s nearly 875,000 followers.

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