Peter Gunz Amina Buddafly update
“Love & Hip Hop: New York” star Peter Gunz gives wife Amina Buddafly a birthday shout-out amid rumors of a split. Pictured: Peter at the Reality Rocks Expo in Los Angeles, April 9, 2011. Getty Images

Amina Buddafly and her husband Peter Gunz may not be getting along right now, but the rapper and “Love & Hip Hop: New York” star took some time Monday to wish her a happy birthday. Posting a photo of Amina, Peter wrote, “Happy Birthday World!! See you soon @aminabuddafly.”

Amina recently revealed that she and Peter are not together and living apart. The former Black Buddafly singer and their daughter Cori relocated to Los Angeles, while Peter stayed in New York. Speaking to VH1 about her marriage troubles, Amina said her decision to flee to the West Coast was because of Peter’s ex-girlfriend, Tara Wallace, who gave birth to her and Peter’s third child in February.

“I just wanted to be away from New York and from Tara pretty much,” Amina confessed. “She really chased me away, and she got what she wanted and I’m OK with that now because I know that was her goal and that was one of her biggest wishes that I was gonna go away. Just be gone.”

Amina said she’s not sure if her move to Los Angeles is permanent, and admitted that she did ask Peter to come with her. “It’s kind of open ended. I mean I’m not coming back to New York, there’s just nothing holding me there anymore,” she said. “The only reason I really wanted to be there was my husband, and since it seems it’s not working out I left.”

She continued, “All I can say right now, at this moment, Peter and I are not together. I’m in L.A. and he’s in New York and we don’t live together and we’re not in a relationship, but are we done for good? Only time can tell.”

During the Season 6 reunion of “Love & Hip Hop: New York,” Amina revealed she’s pregnant with her and Peter’s second child. The pair is expecting a baby girl, named Bronx, in July. Last week Amina gave fans an update on her pregnancy revealing that she’s six months along. “I finally feel better as #babyBX is growing. (I’ve already gained almost 20lbs lol),” she captioned a photo of her baby bump. “Pregnancy is definitely not my thing but it will all be worth it in the end!”