Even though Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson sold over one million makeup palettes in only five days, they are showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, they each have been dropping hints on their various social media accounts that new projects are already in the works. What's coming after the Conspiracy collection?

According to PopBuzz, Dawson discussed the future in a recent Instagram live video. After sharing that he looks at his tagged photos "every second" due to fans giving feedback and showing off how they are using the makeup palettes themselves, he also made a point to say that he is also using it as a way to also look at criticism.

"I cannot put it into words," he said about how much he enjoys the interaction on social media, but, he added, "I am taking the criticism, that's another thing too, that I'm excited about. I'm really invested in the reviews. If you do a review, please don't feel like you have to sugar coat it."

Continuing, he added, "I want the criticism. I want to learn... Whatever we do next, I really just want it to be like, even better. I'm so invested in it."

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After fans made a note of Dawson using the word we pertaining to future projects, on Monday, Star also alerted his followers to the fact that new things were already in the works. In a tweet, which can be seen below, he shared that he is looking forward to "expanding #JeffreeStarCosmetics" in the coming year.

Then, on Tuesday, Star shared a photo that featured him standing in a lab and revealed that he is "working on 2020," which was followed by the hashtag #JeffreeStarCosmetics.

All of this activity follows the impressive launch that Star and Dawson's collection had earlier this year, which resulted in having to restock part of their online store. At this time, it remains unclear when the two will release any new products.

Jeffree Star Jeffree Star is pictured March 5, 2017, in Inglewood, California. Photo: Getty Images