Ahn Hyo Seop and Kim Sejeong clean_0828/Instagram


  • Kim Sejeong and Ahn Hyo Seop posted photos of themselves in Japan around the same time
  • She denied the rumor that she traveled there with her "A Business Proposal" co-star
  • The first teaser of "The Uncanny Counter" Season 2, which Kim stars in, has been released

Kim Sejeong has directly addressed the rumors that she and her "A Business Proposal" co-star Ahn Hyo Seop went on an overseas trip to Japan together.

On Tuesday, the South Korean actress and singer did a live broadcast on Weverse – an online community for artists and fans – with the caption, "Should I study for a bit?"

During the one-hour live stream, the idol-turned-actress came across one fan's comment asking for clarification about the rumors surrounding her recent trip to Japan.

"There's a rumor spreading that Hyo Seop and I went to Japan together?" she said with a surprised expression. "Why would I go to Japan with him?"

"I went [to Japan] together with my best friend and my older brother. They are who I went with," she said, shutting down the rumors.

Fans commended how Kim bravely and directly clarified the rumors circulating about her Japan trip.

"Sejeong addressing the issue during [a] live [broadcast] is so HER. This girl has always been this brave, especially if it's something that might ruin other people. Thank you for doing this, love. [I don't know] but [delusional] shippers need to be reminded of their limitations. They're not a couple. That's it," commented one fan.

"This is the reason [why] I stan SEJEONG from the very start!!! I like brave girl Sejeong. [The] harsh industry need[s] celebrities like her who openly talk about rumors/confused situations like this. SHE'S ABOVE HER AGENCY. GO GIRL," another fan said.

Another user brought up the name of Lee Sung Kyung, Ahn's co-star in "Dr. Romantic 3," who is reportedly being dragged by shippers of the actor and Seojong.

"Lee Sung Kyung was hated, body shamed and dragged by the delusional shippers for doing her job with [Hyo Seop] just for [S]ejeong to crash their delusions. Sejeong looks so clueless [asking], '[W]hy would I go to [J]apan with oppa?'" the user said in a tweet.

"Sejeong has officially ENDED the shippers' job today," tweeted another fan.

The rumors started when the "Business Proposal" co-stars posted their Japan travel photos on Instagram around the same time.

Though the two actors have no photos together, some shippers assumed they went on the trip together, Koreaboo reported Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Kim will return as Do Ha Na in the second season of "The Uncanny Counter" alongside Jo Byeong Gyu, Yoo Jun Sang and Yeom Hye Ran.

On Tuesday, the tvN drama released the first teaser for the drama series' new season, giving the viewers a sneak peek of the show's fight scenes and its upcoming new characters.

"The Uncanny Counter" Season 2 is set to premiere in July.

Kim Sejeong clean_0828/Instagram