They just completed a successful tour in Africa and have announced their plans to sue publications that have published personal information and used illegal tactics to obtain information. However, some are still wondering if Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are considering leaving royal life behind for good in order to pursue a more private life for themselves and their son, Archie Harrison.

Rumors have been floating for a while that the royal couple might decide to “opt-out” of royal life because of the amount of negative press they’ve received over their wishes to keep certain aspects of their lives private, specifically regarding their son. Because of the backlash, royal expert Richard Fitzwilliam revealed to Express UK that if the pair decided to forgo royal life altogether due to what they were facing, there wasn’t anything that could prevent them from doing so.

In addition, considering the couple’s announcement that they are suing publications that have inundated Markle in particular with negative press, some might think it is the first step in the couple’s plan to distance themselves from their royal lives in an effort to pursue something more private. However, it is worth noting that, at least for right now, the couple is only taking on publications that have violated private records, not just made negative comments about the Duchess of Sussex.

The pair’s lawsuit against Associated Newspapers (parent company of the Mail on Sunday) is in reference to their publishing a private letter she wrote to her estranged father, while a separate claim against the owners of The Sun and The Daily Mirror alleges that the publications hacked his phone to illegally intercept voicemail messages.

In addition, considering the couple has seemingly legitimate reasons to sue the publications and isn’t just retaliating against negative press, there is another sign they likely aren’t going to be giving up life as royals. The couple’s tour in Africa was considered a huge success for them, and reportedly even “delighted” Queen Elizabeth. If they are seemingly doing well in their roles now, then the pair likely don’t have plans to give up their lifestyle anytime soon.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Prince Harry and Meghan visited a Cape Town rights group fighting gender violence. POOL / Courtney AFRICA