Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip are living in separate homes most of the time.

The Queen is still active in her royal duties. On the other hand, Prince Philip has already retired. According to an insider, the couple is living in separate homes, but they still make time to see each other.

An insider told Daily Star in November 2017 that Prince Philip spends most of his time at Wood Farm. The place is away from the public eye and peaceful.

“He very much enjoys Wood Farm, and he and the Queen still see each other at some point in the week or weekends," the source said.

Prince Philip also spends time at Windsor Castle and sometimes visits Buckingham Palace on certain occasions like Remembrance Day. The couple still see each other depending on the monarch’s schedule. Queen Elizabeth II also works around to see her husband as much as possible.

Another insider told Daily Express the main reason for Prince Philip’s retirement. The source revealed that the 97-year-old senior royal “wants to spend more time at Windsor and Sandringham.”

Interestingly, even if Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II are living in the same house, they still stay in separate bedrooms. According to Lady Pamela Hicks, the Queen’s cousin, this arrangement is normal for the upper-class families.

"You don’t want to be bothered with snoring or someone flinging a leg around," she explained.

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II have been married for 71 years already. The Queen was only 13 and Prince Philip was 18 when they first met.

According to Marion "Crawfie" Crawford, the then-princess was smitten when she met the navy cadet and Greek prince during a royal tour of the Royal Navy College. Queen Elizabeth II never took her eyes off Prince Philip. However, he didn’t pay any special attention to her at the time. It took years before their friendship turned into romance.

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II are secretly related. Both have connections to King Christian IX and Queen Victoria. King Christian IX of Denmark is Queen Elizabeth II’s great-great-grandfather and Prince Philip’s great-grandfather. In addition, both are great-great-grandchildren of Queen Victoria.

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip are often in separate homes but they still see each other. Pictured: Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II to the crowd from the balcony of the city hall 'Roemer' on June 25, 2015 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Getty Images/Thomas Lohnes