Prince Philip preferred a different woman for Prince Andrew instead of Sarah Ferguson.

In the book “Prince Andrew: The War Hero from Buckingham Palace,” Jessica Jayne wrote that the Duke of Edinburgh preferred a businesswoman named Amanda Staveley for the Duke of York.  According to the royal author, the 97-year-old senior royal liked Staveley’s company and “thought she was an ideal choice to be the next Duchess of York.”

According to reports, Prince Andrew proposed to Staveley in 2004. Unfortunately, the royal didn’t get a “yes.” Staveley reportedly declined because she didn’t like to sacrifice her independence.

Aside from Staveley, Prince Andrew previously dated Koo Stark who appeared in the 1976 film "Emily." The two shared a "passionate affair," but she didn’t get the royals’ approval because of her infamous film that featured a "naked lesbian shower scene."

When Prince Andrew and Stark’s romance was exposed to the public, the duke was forced to end their relationship. Prince Andrew was convinced that pursuing their relationship would only bring shame to the monarchy.

However, according to Jayne, many believed that Prince Andrew would have married Stark if she didn’t appear in the soft-porn film. The actress was offered $1.2 million for a tell-all interview about her romance with Prince Andrew and she declined.

Prince Andrew dated a string of women including Katie Rabbit, Carolyn Herbert, Finola Hughes and more prior to marrying Ferguson, earning him the playboy reputation.

Meanwhile, Prince Philip never approved of Ferguson. According to Allan Starkies, Ferguson was most afraid of Prince Philip. The duke reportedly told Ferguson that they would discover whatever she was doing.

One time, Ferguson joined Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip for a meal and she greeted each servant with their first name. It didn’t sit well with the Duke of Edinburgh who said, "I thought you give up flirting with the servants ago?"

Prince Philip and Ferguson’s relationship turned worse following her infamous toegate scandal. They were reportedly avoiding each other for years, but ultimately decided to bury the hatchet on Princess Eugenie’s royal wedding.

Following the event, Ferguson spoke about his reunion with Prince Philip. According to Prince Andrew’s ex-wife, she has a huge respect for Prince Philip and she felt good to be with him again. Ferguson also recalled how her father and Prince Philip used to play polo together.