Kirk and Rasheeda Frost
Kirk Frost wished his wife Rasheeda a happy birthday despite their latest marital troubles. The estranged couple is pictured attending the “Rap Game” Season 3 premiere on Jan. 7, 2017 in Atlanta. Getty Images

Although there has been nonstop drama on “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” Season 6, Kirk Frost took a moment to wish his wife Rasheeda a happy birthday.

On Thursday, Kirk shared a photo of his wife on Instagram sending her well wishes. “Happy birthday @rasheedadabosschick wishing you nothing but the ya enjoy your day,” Kirk captioned the photo.

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Along with his sweet words, he added the hashtags “Best friends” and “Positive energy only.” Kirk and Rasheeda share the same birthday and while it is unclear whether or not she saw his Instagram post, she has not made an effort to wish her husband a happy birthday via social media.

Since his post, Rasheeda has shared a photo of a hair growth product but has made no mention of her or her husband’s birthday. The couple has been on rocky terms for some time with the reason behind their drama playing out on Season 6 of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” on VH1.

The problem between the couple started when a young woman named Jasmine Washington told Rasheeda’s friend Karlie Redd that she has been having an affair with Kirk and gave birth to their child.

When Kirk became aware that Karlie knew about the affair, he told Rasheeda that Jasmine is claiming that he fathered her child but there was no truth to her allegations because was never involved with her.

Going forward, Rasheeda had her suspicions but chose to believe her husband until Karlie did some investigating. The reality star, known for being the gossip queen, befriended Jasmine and learned more about her personal life and relationship with Kirk.

Karlie was able to discover that Kirk had Jasmine living in the same building that he and Rasheeda were living in and was footing the bill for her living and baby expenses. Jasmine also revealed that her baby’s name started with a “K” like all of Kirk’s children.

Rasheeda eventually confronted Kirk who confessed to the affair and the possibility that he just may be the father of Jasmine’s baby. From there, Rasheeda kicked her husband out of the family home and the two have seemingly been estranged ever since.

On the reality series, the rapper has said she is considering divorce but has yet to make a decision. On his part, Kirk has refused to take a paternity test and his unwillingness to reveal the truth has further strained the couple’s relationship.

In March, Jasmine took to Instagram to share a photo of her baby, Kannon and Rasheeda and Kirk’s son Karter. Although the photo has since been deleted, many of Jasmine’s fans commented that the babies share similar features, like the same nose, while others noted that Kannon and Kirk also have similarities.

On social media, both Kirk and Rasheeda have ignored Jasmine’s posts about Kirk being the father of her child. Although Kirk has extended an olive branch by wishing his wife a happy birthday, it is unclear whether the two plan on celebrating their special day together.