Why would I move if I don’t have to?

It’s the single most important mantra for lazy people everywhere, and a new study suggests that being lazy can led to a healthier life, contrary to popular belief. Researchers from Saint Bonaventure University in New York found that when it comes to snacking proximity is more important than taste. What that means is if the healthier food is easier to reach, that’s what will be eaten.

56 participants were tested with apple slices and buttery popcorn which were used to test out the lazy effect; what researchers found was that although most of the participants preferred the unhealthy popcorn, if the apple slices were closer that is what they eat. Laziness resulted in the candidates making better health choices.

But couch potatoes everywhere, listen up because being lazy is nothing to gloat about. A report in the Medical Journal, The Lancet, claims that inactivity kills about 5 million people a year. It is related to heart disease, and diabetes. Humans need exercise and activity to help their bones, muscles and other functions.

So to use laziness to your advantage without risking your health you can follow these simple steps; when watching television, cut up fruit or vegetables and even make some homemade dip, that way you can control the ingredients, without risking the hidden calories in packaged food.

If you buy sweets, keep them out of arms reach, in the top shelf. The lazy man inside of you will reach for the accessible fruit bowl instead. To live a healthier life is to live it in moderation, so spoil yourself from time to time, but make healthy choices and move at least 30 minutes every day.