Two couples headed to the truth booth, another pair split up and three couples went on dates on Season 6, episode 3 of “Are You the One?” Find out what happened on Tuesday night’s installment of the MTV experimental dating series.

The Truth Booth

Geles and Anthony are hoping to find out they are a perfect match. Much to the couple’s and the house’s upset, however, they’re not deemed a designated couple. “I didn’t want my fairytale to end,” Geles cries to the cameras. “As of this point I have no idea what I’m looking for.”

New Relationship Forms, Another Dies

Kareem says he’s excited and feels like he and Alivia could be a match. They bond over their failed past relationships, which both involved cheating, and Alivia says it’s nice to know there are guys in the world who want to have a relationship.

Not every couple is happy, though. Michael says he’s starting to think first connections may not be matches and tries to distance himself from Keyana, but she won’t leave him alone. Meanwhile, Keyana tells the cameras everything with Michael is going great.

When Michael pulls Keyana aside, he tells her he has feelings for her but he needs to talk to other people for the sake of the game. Michael also tells her she’s not his perfect match but Keyana says she doesn’t want to part ways.

Matchup Ceremony

For the season’s second matchup ceremony, the girls pick their partners. At the podium, Keyana says she’s hurt by Michael and announces she’s is going to do a complete 180 but goes on to pick Michael anyway. She explains her decision by saying she’s a “fighter” and still believes she and Michael are a beam.

Elsewhere, Geles admits she thinks Ethan may be her match. Ethan says being in a love triangle is “awesome” fresh off getting picked by Jada. However, the ceremony ends with only one perfect match beam.

Here’s who chose who in episode 2:

  • Alexis-Keith
  • Uche-Clinton
  • Zoe-Tyler
  • Keyana-Michael
  • Jada-Ethan
  • Nurys-Malcolm
  • Nicole-Dimitri
  • Diandra-Anthony
  • Audrey-Joe
  • Geles-Shad

Back at the house, Joe gets upset and says to the couples they need to realize they’re likely not a match. Michael agrees and says the housemates need to get to know each other because it’s hurting their game not to.

Michael goes on to tell Alivia he doesn’t see her being a match with Kareem. When Alivia tell Kareem about the conversation he gets angry and pulls Michael aside. Michael says he doesn’t want to break them up but Kareem doesn’t buy it, calling him a “snake.” Zoe goes on to state Kareem is what she wants when he sees him sticking up for Alivia.

The Challenge

New host Terrence J announces to the cast that they will be having a pool party, however, the party won’t be all fun. During the party the house, which is split into pairs, must keep their shared egg safe. Terrence announces the three couples who keep their eggs safe the longest will win spots on the date.

Ethan says he’s hoping to win a date with Geles after her confession during the last matchup ceremony. Elsewhere, Audrey and Michael match up and Keyana decides to watch them during the party. The game results in Geles and Ethan, Nurys and Malcolm and Audrey and Michael winning spots on the date.

keyana and michael ayto
Michael parted ways with Keyana on the latest episode of “Are You the One?” MTV

The Dates

The getaway has the couples go on a romantic boat ride in alligator infested waters. On the date, Nurys almost says the “L” word when talking about Malcolm to the cameras. During a private moment, Geles shows off her rapping skills to Ethan and he’s impressed. He calls her a “ball of radiating sunshine.” Elsewhere, Michael gives Audrey a garden arrangement in the shape of a heart and Audrey is touched. Michael tells the cameras he wants to take things slow with Audrey, but the two go on to share a kiss anyway.

Another Truth Booth

After getting voted into the truth booth by the rest of the house, Malcolm and Nurys head to their moment of truth. Unfortunately for viewers, the results of their visit were not revealed.

Find out of Nurys and Malcolm are a perfect match on the next “Are You the One?” airing Wednesday, Oct. 11, at 10 p.m. EDT on MTV.