Things are heating up on “Are You the One?” ahead of the finale. After several unsuccessful visits to the truth booth, the Season 6 cast of the MTV series finally got their first confirmed perfect match during Wednesday’s installment.

Fresh off the house’s discovery that Tyler and Nicole were one of the 11 couples put together by the matchmakers, a sneak peek of episode 12 shows another two housemates toying with the idea they’re also a destined match.

A clip from the finale released early by the network shows Ethan admitting to Zoe he feels they could be a match, despite her being someone he would normally consider to be out of his league.

“The matchmakers are telling me that, ‘Dude, you’re good enough to get one of the hottest girls in the world,’” Ethan says to Zoe, before advising her to ignore “looks” and focus on character.

“I never really dated anyone like Ethan,” Zoe tells the cameras. “He’s very sweet to me and I’m not used to that.”

Zoe goes on to say she’s disappointed she never gave Ethan a chance during the game and senses there is an attraction between them.

While a new match could form in the finale, elsewhere, a non-match will cause some serious drama. Fresh after talking about bringing Alexis home to meet his mother, Keith and his confirmed non-match will battle it out in the final episode. “Keith and Alexis push each other over the edge,” MTV’s synopsis teases.

The finale promo shows Alexis kissing Michael. When Keith learns about the kiss, he decides to retaliate by burning Alexis’s “childhood memory” by setting her stuffed animal on fire. Talk about a relationship going up in flames!

While Zoe and Ethan could end up being a perfect match in episode 12, titled “Playing With Fire,” they might not be the only couple revealed. At the end of episode 11, Shad and Audrey made it clear they think they’re destined to be together, despite the entire house not being on their side.

Geles also told the cameras in the last episode that she feels she and Clinton are a match and that he’s everything she “needs” in a man but that she can’t figure out the truth because of his unbreakable loyalty with his non-match, Uche.

“They tell you, ‘If your perfect match was standing right in front of you would you know it’ and I know it and I can’t pursue it because there’s this girl standing right in front of me and she’s his no-match,” Geles said in episode 11.

The last viewers saw the cast only received five beams during the matchup ceremony. Will they be able to find the other 10 perfect matches in the finale? Viewers will have to tune in to find out if the cast finds love and wins their share of the $1 million prize or goes home empty-handed.

The one-hour Season 6 finale of “Are You the One?” airs Wednesday, Dec. 6, at 10 p.m. EST on MTV. The reunion will air in two parts with the first half airing on Dec. 13 and the second half premiering on Dec. 20.