After a successful matchup ceremony, the house was in good spirits at the start of Wednesday’s “Are You the One?” Season 6 installment. However, the positive vibes didn’t last forever as new connections were made on the MTV dating series. Find out what happened in episode 9 below.

Post-Truth Booth Drama

After his failed truth booth visit with Alivia, Keith says he still thinks he has a shot with Alexis and says he may be falling for her. However, Alexis doesn’t want anything to do with him and says they’re “done” after he kissed Alivia twice.

Meanwhile, Nurys talks to Diandra about Malcolm. Nurys tells Diandra she and Malcolm slept together and claims he’s playing both of them. When the two girls confront him he says he doesn’t remember having sex with Nurys. Diandra goes on to tell the cameras she’s now “on the market” and doesn’t need a truth booth to tell her Malcolm is not her match.

Elsewhere, Geles is upset that Anthony still wants nothing to do with her and says she would gladly leave the show in love with him and not the $1 million prize. However, despite her feelings for Anthony, Geles opens up to Audrey and says she’s also been have feelings for her man, Michael.

New Connections

After several weeks of no matches, the girls decide to interview the guys one by one to get to know them better, especially the men who are known to isolate themselves. Uche, who has a connection with Clinton, says she thinks her and Joe could be a match because of their similar religious upbringing.

With Alivia no longer wanting him, Kareem says he’s going to try to find his match. Nurys says she and Kareem are both strong people with anger problems and thinks he’s the “total package.”

Michael also admits to the cameras he’s “crazy attached” to Geles. Still, Michael tells Geles he hopes he and Audrey are a match. When speaking to Audrey, Michael comforts her by saying he would never end what they have for a chance with Geles.

Matchup Ceremony

The matchup ends with the cast getting five perfect match beams, their most successful ceremony to date. The house celebrates with a pool party and Shad says he’s confident they’ll eventually get all 11 beams.

Here’s who picked who in episode 9:

  • Kareem-Nurys
  • Anthony-Keyana
  • Michael-Audrey
  • Shad-Alivia
  • Keith-Jada
  • Dimitri-Diandra
  • Joe-Uche
  • Tyler-Nicole
  • Ethan-Zoe
  • Clinton-Geles
  • Malcolm-Alexis

After the ceremony, Tyler says he thinks he and Nicole are a perfect match, especially after the last matchup. Elsewhere, Keith and Alexis continue to stay connected, despite being a non-match.

ayto spoilers “Are You the One?” Season 6, episode 9 concluded without a show-stopping visit to the truth booth. Photo: MTV

The Challenge

Host Terrence J says they will be testing how much they trust their partners in a game called Blinded By Love. The game has the guys and girls navigating an obstacle course together with the guys blindfolded and the girls riding them piggyback style.

Eventually, Joe and Alivia and Michael and Audrey win the getaway date spots. Joe, despite recently having a new connection with Uche, says he’s going to try to steal a kiss from Alivia during the outing.

Terrence then goes on to make a surprise announcement, revealing he’ll be sending the entire cast on a boat for a Mardi Gras party. “Win or lose we still booze,” Zoe says.

Episode 9 ends without showing the party or another truth booth visit.

Who do you think will head to the truth booth next? Share your prediction in the comments section below and catch the next installment of “Are You the One?” Season 6 on Wednesday, Nov. 22, at 10 p.m. EST on MTV.