Zak and Bria quickly became a couple on “Are You the One?” Season 7, but over the course of several episodes, fizzled out. Following Zak’s newfound connection with Morgan, it appeared the twosome had called it quits on their troubled romance, but things quickly changed in MTV’s two-part installment on Wednesday.

The combined episodes 7 and 8, titled “He Loves Me Not” and “Beast Mode,” saw Zak and Bria get chosen to go the weekly group date, joining Asia and Daniel for buggy rides.

Ahead of their getaway, Zak and Morgan talk about their relationship and say they could see themselves being together outside of the house. They also share their belief they could be a perfect match. Still, Morgan shares her concern that Bria could mess up their romance. Zak continues to reaffirm Morgan they’re a match, but she continues to worry he’ll make her look bad.

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Bria, Zak and Morgan from “Are You the One?” Season 7 on MTV. MTV

The Date

Despite Zak’s promises to be faithful, Bria and Zak’s bond is quickly rekindled on their date. Zak says he suppressed his feelings for Bria in the house and immediately felt a connection with her again when they got together.

During a private moment, Bria gets emotional when discussing Zak’s other romance, but tells him she understands they have a game to play. Bria says all she wants is to learn they’re a perfect match. When she questions his feelings for Morgan, he doesn’t give her a direct answer, but they share a kiss anyway.

“Zak just makes me happy and I’m honestly caught off guard still by the fact that Zak was put in this house because he’s kind of everything that I asked for in a person and I didn’t even have to ask for it,” Bria says. “Somehow we’re here together right now and maybe this fate thing is real after all.”

Truth Booth

Unsurprisingly, Bria and Zak are voted into the truth booth by the house. Morgan is even supportive of the vote, wanting to finally learn the truth about Zak and Bria’s status. Morgan says she believes Zak needs her and wants Bria and it is imperative that he learn the difference.

Ahead of their truth booth visit, Bria reveals she had a nice time with Zak. She also says they kissed, much to Morgan’s upset. Zak responds by saying he’ll probably be “packing” his bags because of his actions.

Luckily for Morgan, the truth booth reveals Bria and Zak are not a perfect match, resulting in major tears from Bria. “I spent all this time sure we were a match and we’re not. It’s not right,” she cries. Zak tells Bria to be strong and tells the cameras he’s now convinced Morgan is his match.

The Aftermath

When Zak pulls Morgan aside later on, she criticizes him for not taking her feelings into account. Zak says the truth booth was the closure he needed with Bria and that he doesn’t want to be with her.

When Bria approaches them and to find out which woman he would want a relationship with outside of the house if neither of them were a match, he answers Morgan. Zak and Morgan go on to make up, much to Bria’s dismay. “Trash and trash go together,” Bria says.

Matchup Ceremony

At the matchup ceremony, Zak and Morgan sit together and Bria reveals she’s OK with him being with another woman. Still, she says she considers their relationship to be a “joke.”

Bria ultimately sits with Daniel and the house receives four perfect match beams.

“Are You The One?” airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EDT on MTV.