Even those who admittedly “suck at love” want a shot at the real deal. MTV is bringing back “Are You the One?” for Season 7, and the fun starts on Wednesday, Aug. 15.

The dating competition shows single men and women living together in a house as they search for their perfect match, which are hand-picked for them by the network’s very own matchmakers. Before the 2018 season of “AYTO?” kicks off on MTV, get to know the 22 new cast members.

The Girls

Asia Woodley
Asia from “Are You the One?” Season 7. MTV
Asia Woodley- Men are intimidated by her “take no prisoners” approach when it comes to getting what she wants. She’ll have to find a man who is not scared away by her confidence.

Bria Hamilton
Bria from “Are You the One?” Season 7. MTV

Bria Hamilton- She’s aware that her controlling behavior and trust issues has ruined past relationships. Bria will have to learn to share control with a potential future partner.

Cali Trepp
Cali from “Are You the One?” Season 7. MTV

Cali Trepp- She falls fast and hard, which puts her emotions in danger when relationships don’t work out. Cali will have to learn to slow down her feelings in a relationship.

Jasmine Rodriguez
Jasmine from “Are You the One?” Season 7. MTV

Jasmine Rodriguez- She’s been cheated on before and has now decided it’s “better to mess with guys before they mess with you.” Will she be able to put her grudges against men aside?

Kayla Umagat
Kayla from “Are You the One?” Season 7. MTV

Kayla Umagat- She’s been known to “self-sabotage” her relationships due to being emotionally injured in the past. MTV says she’ll have to work hard to learn to appreciate “a good guy” at face value.

Kenya Scott
Kenya from “Are You the One?” Season 7. MTV

Kenya Scott- She claims to have a hard time trusting men and assumes they’re “all shady,” but MTV says it’s actually Kenya that’s usually being shady. She will have to learn to trust her perfect match.

Lauren Roush
Lauren from “Are You the One?” Season 7. MTV

Lauren Roush- She admits to have bad taste in men, but with a Miss West Virginia USA title and two pending college degrees, she’s looking to round out her life and find love.

Maria Elizondo
Maria from “Are You the One?” Season 7. MTV

Maria Elizondo- Her attraction to men who are emotionally unavailable is a problem, leaving her quick to cut off new relationships. Maria needs to learn to open up in order to give a potential romance a chance.

Morgan Fletcher
Morgan from “Are You the One?” Season 7. MTV

Morgan Fletcher- Her lack of filter and control issues tend to scare men away. Morgan will have to overcome her fear of getting hurt.

Nutsa Sikharulidze
Nutsa from “Are You the One?” Season 7. MTV

Nutsa Sikharulidze- After a failed relationship, Nutsa is looking for the “perfect” man, who needs everything from style to a great personality. MTV says she may need to lower her expectations to find Prince Charming.

Samantha McKinnon
Samantha from “Are You the One?” Season 7. MTV

Samantha McKinnon- It is hard for Samantha to find someone as ambitious as she is, leaving her struggling in the dating department.

The Guys

Andrew Couture
Andrew from “Are You the One?” Season 7. MTV

Andrew Couture- He plays up a bad-boy persona and hides his softer side around women. Will this true romantic be able to put aside his “bro” personality?

Brett Ferri
Brett from “Are You the One?” Season 7. MTV

Brett Ferri- After getting his heart broken, Brett did a “total 180” and started treating love like a game so as not to get played again. He will have to learn to trust again.

Cam Viney
Cam from “Are You the One?” Season 7. MTV

Cam Viney- His right-leaning politics don’t always mesh well due to his attraction to liberal woman. Will he be able to balance his political views and a relationship?

Daniel Vilk
Daniel from “Are You the One?” Season 7. MTV

Daniel Vilk- His unfaithfulness has got him into trouble before. His love for “hot-tempered” and “jealous” women don’t help. Daniel will have to learn to keep his actions under control to find love.

Kwasi Opoku
Kwasi from “Are You the One?” Season 7. MTV

Kwasi Opoku- His alter ego, “Kwasi Beast,” prevents him from maintaining relationships. Ultimately, Kwasi is looking for a woman he can bring home to his mom.

Lewis Belt
Lewis from “Are You the One?” Season 7. MTV

Lewis Belt- His love of comedy and his failure to open up around women has prevented him from finding true love.

Moe Elkhalil
Moe from “Are You the One?” Season 7. MTV

Moe Elkhalil- MTV classified Moe as someone with a positive demeanor and a “total jerk” side. With his romantic status always dictating his mood, he will need to learn to have more healthy relationships.

Shamoy Persad
Shamoy from “Are You the One?” Season 7. MTV

Shamoy Persad- His clingy behavior, which often leaves women “feeling smothered,” makes it hard for him to have a romance. Shamoy will have to learn to give his love interests some alone time if he wants to find success in the dating world.

Tevin Grant
Tevin from “Are You the One?” Season 7. MTV

Tevin Grant- He may appear to be a player, but he’s actually someone who falls in love a little too fast. “When he’s in, he’s all in, loyal and faithful. Unfortunately, as quickly as Tevin can fall in love, he can fall out of love. And when he’s out, he’s all the way out,” reveals MTV.

Tomas Buenos
Tomas from “Are You the One?” Season 7. MTV

Tomas Buenos- He admits to being a player who can’t focus his attentions on just one women. He will have to own up to his bad boy behavior and tell women the truth.

Zak Jones
Zak from “Are You the One?” Season 7. MTV

Zak Jones- He thinks nice guys finish last, so he’s committed to being a “super villain” when it comes to dating. However, now with a growing career, he wants to find real love.

“Are You the One?” Season 7 premieres Wednesday, Aug. 15 at 10 p.m. EDT on MTV.