“Are You the One?” Season 7 kicked off on MTV on Wednesday night and the two-part premiere began in a new way. While the cast usually sees each other for the first time while meeting host Terrence J, this time, they first laid eyes on one another inside the “AYTO?” house. Unsurprisingly, that’s where connections immediately began to form.

First Impressions

Cam and Kayla were one of the first couples to bond in the house. When she discovers he is a republican who supports President Donald Trump she reveals she has different belief but says she respects his decisions.

Elsewhere, Kenya says she isn’t quick to let someone “claim” her in the house but immediately hit it off with Tevin, who catches the attention of many girls in the cast. After Kenya tells Tevin she asked for a man who can put her in her place the two kiss in the confessional and tease the idea they may be each other’s perfect matches. They continue to talk in the boom boom room and talk about their failed past relationships where they decide to make things “official.”

Bria Threatens Zak

Bria and Zak also make a connection. Bria says she isn’t attracted to anyone else in the house and thinks they are a perfect match. She goes on to warn Zak that if they are not meant to be together she will “stab” herself “in the throat.” Bria adds she will slap him if she sees him flirting with anyone else. “I’m not joking. I don’t care if this is [expletive] night one,” she says.

Things take a dramatic turn during a house party. When Bria sees Zak checking out another girl, she threatens to “swing” on him.

The Fate Button Twist

When host Terrence J appears he announces they will be changing things up this season to better help the cast find their perfect matches. He introduces them to the Fate Button, which will randomly select two girls and two guys for a weekly group date. Similar to past installments, the house will then vote on which couple they think are a perfect match and send them into the truth booth.

Zak and Thomas and Cali and Maria are randomly selected to go on the first group date and Bria is instantly upset by the draw.

Group Date

The four go on an outing to swim with dolphins. Zak says he’s going on the date with an open mind and notes he finds Maria attractive. When Maria questions Zak about Bria, he says she’s similar to his other exes and she advises him to cut off the romance. Zak goes on to tease he will get with Maria if he splits from Bria and the two share a kiss.

Things dont go as well for Maria during her alone time with Tomas. The two agree they’re probably not a match and are better off as friends. Tomas has more luck with Cali on the date and the two start a connection.

Truth Booth

Back at the house, Zak admits to having a good time with Maria on the date and announces to everyone that they kissed. Bria says she’s trying to remember it’s a game but is angry. “Violence is not the answer but I honestly want to punch him,” she says.

Despite their lack of connection, Maria and Tomas are revealed to have been voted into the truth booth. They are revealed to be a non match, much to the upset of the house.

More Connections And Drama

Kenya and Tevin were an immediate couple on the "Are You the One?" Season 7 premiere. MTV
Despite having some feelings for Tomas, Brett and Cali flirt after the truth booth and they find their sense of humor matches up.

When Bria and Zak talk, she slams him for making her “look stupid” and she cries over his decision to kiss Maria. Zak says she was unaware of emotionally attached she was to him. He apologizes and says there is still the possibility Bria could be his perfect match.

Elsewhere, Jasmine warns Kenya that if she and Tevin are not a match she might come for him. Kenya tells the cameras she doesn’t see Jasmine as competition. Soon after, Kenya is caught by Tevin kissing Daniel and she admits she’ll probably be in trouble.

Matchup Ceremony

It is revealed that the blackout twist is in effect and will result in the house getting their shared $1 million prize cut in half if they don't get at least once perfect match beam during each ceremony. Ultimately, the beams reveal the cast received three out of 11 total matches right.

Here’s who chose who:

  • Zak-Bria
  • Tevin-Kenya
  • Kwasi-Asia
  • Brett-Cali
  • Cam-Kayla
  • Tomas-Morgan
  • Shamoy-Maria
  • Andrew-Lauren
  • Moe-Jasmine
  • Daniel-Nutsa
  • Lewis-Samantha

Post-Ceremony Connections

The houseguests continue to make connections after their first successful matchup ceremony. Asia and Lewis are shown flirting, as well as Shamoy and Maria and Tomas and Lauren, but things aren’t completely happy in the house.

Tevin’s Love Triangle

Tevin tells Kenya he thinks they are one of the beams but he makes it clear he isn’t a fan of her kissing Daniel. Tevin reminds Kenya they are there to grow as people and not go back into their old ways. Tevin says he doesn’t feel secure in their relationship and may look elsewhere for love.

Tevin and Jasmine start talking soon after. Tevin says there’s nothing holding him back from being with “Princess Jasmine” if Kenya keeps hooking up with other men in the house and the two then share a kiss.

When Tevin tells Kenya about the hookup, she says it’s clear they are trying to hurt one another. Later on, during a luau, Kenya dances with several men in the house.

Confessional Throwdown

ayto season 7 premiere
Bria and Zak's relationship took a dramatic turn during Wednesday's "Are You the One?" Season 7 premiere. MTV
Bria and Zak also feel like they are one of the beams but their relationship quickly hits another speed bump when he is seen talking to Morgan. Morgan lets Zak know she is interested in him but says she is steering clear of Bria’s wrath. The two eventually step away to get privacy in the confessional and Bria goes looking for them.

When Bria confronts Zak in the confessional they make up. Zak goes on to tell the cameras he knows toxic relationships don’t last but he’s going to continue seeing Bria because it’s fun for him.

Bria later tells Morgan she doesn’t want others to feel they can’t approach Zak but feels threatened by women in the house who could also be his match.

Luau Breakdown

During a luau party, Nutsa reveals she hasa plan to kiss Zak and she does just that. Their dance ends with a kiss in front of the rest of the house. Bria sees and quickly threatens to start throwing punches and to leave the game.

Will the Season 7 cast be able to find all of their perfect matches? Share your predictions and below and don’t forget to tune in Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EDT to watch all-new episodes on MTV.