A shopping mall parking lot sits empty in East Garden City, New York in March 2020
Representational image of a parking lot at East Garden City, New York in March 20. Two young girls ran away from a group that tried to lure them at a parking lot in Aurora, Colorado during the weekend. GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / AL BELLO


  • The girls ran from the armed group and told their uncle about the parking lot incident
  • Police said one person from the group pointed a gun at the uncle when he confronted them
  • The girls' relative said he saw other weapons in the car used by the suspects

In a chilling incident, a group of four people used money to attempt to lure two young girls into their car Saturday afternoon in Aurora, Colorado, police said. When a relative of the girls tried to intervene, one of the suspects in the car pointed a gun at him and later fled the scene.

The incident happened at 4.15 p.m. at East Colfax Avenue and Chambers Road. The suspects were described as "Hispanic" and at least one of them was armed. Police are still looking for them.

The Aurora Police Department said the group approached the two girls, aged 7 and 12, and used money to lure the girls to the car, but the girls ran away from the parking lot and told an uncle about the incident.

“An adult confronted the car & 1 person pointed a gun at them,” a police statement on Twitter said, referring to events that took place after girls told an adult relative about the group. “The car, as shown in image, fled South on Chambers from the area,” police said.

The relative reportedly said he saw other weapons in the Volvo XC60 or XC90 used by the suspects. Police further noted that the four people in the vehicle were described as two males in the back seat, a male driver, and a female front-seat passenger, FOX affiliate KDVR-TV reported.

APD warned residents to not approach the car when they see it and instead call 911. According to police, the rear window of the suspects’ car is covered in plastic and taped around the edges. Authorities said the group in the car could be dangerous.

This is not the first time an incident of luring girls has been reported in Colorado. In 2014, three girls were stopped at an airport in Frankfurt, Germany, and were brought back home to their families in Colorado.

Officials said at that time that the girls wanted to fly to Syria to become members of extremist group ISIS, FOX affiliate WTIC-TV reported.

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