Josh Henderson as Kyle
Megan (Christine Evangelista) returns to Julie Woolth and Aaron’s place with Kyle (Josh Henderson) in Season 2, episode 9 of E!’s “The Arrangement.” E! Entertainment/Sergei Bachlakov

Kyle and Megan have to deal with Terence after the latter finally discovers her plan to take down IHM.

According to the synopsis for Season 2, episode 9 of E!’s “The Arrangement,” Kyle (Josh Henderson) and Megan (Christine Evangelista) find themselves at odds with Terence (Michael Vartan) after the head of the Institute learns that Megan has contacted Julie Woolth and her brother Aaron.

In a sneak peek from the episode, Kyle confronts Megan about finding Julie and Aaron. “Why did you and Zack (Kyle Toy) go looking for Julie and Aaron?” Kyle furiously asks.

When Megan admits that they tracked the siblings’ whereabouts to hurt Terence, Kyle said that she should have told him.

“If I did would’ve you turned your back to Terence?” Megan asks. “You’re a true believer. And the last time I told you something, you turned me in. You gonna do that again?”

When Kyle asks if Megan is going to help Aaron go public, the actress tells her future husband that he “can’t keep a secret from the world forever.”

Though Kyle is the one who made Aaron wheelchair-bound, the former has apparently convinced Megan to take him to his former friend and rival. In another sneak peek from the episode, Megan returns to Julie and Aaron’s residence with Kyle in tow.

“How could you bring him here!?” a shocked Julie says the moment she sees the movie star on her doorstep.

“We don’t have time for this,” Megan tells Julie as she and Kyle enter the house. “You have to listen to me, you’re not safe.”

“Of course not, now with him,” Julie replies. “You told me that if Aaron talked to you, we’d be safe, we’d be protected. And now you show up with the person responsible for all of it.”

Before Julie can drive Megan and Kyle out, Aaron appears and acknowledges Kyle’s presence. “Kyle West, last time you saw me I look like you,” Aaron tells his former colleague.

While Kyle appears to have regretted the things he did to Aaron in the past, Terence is apparently not yet done with Aaron and his sister. In the trailer for the episode, Megan goes back to the siblings’ place only to find no one. When Megan calls Terence to ask where Aaron and Julie are, Terence simply says, “You will fall in line, and abide by the contract.”

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“The Arrangement” Season 2, episode 9, titled “Truth,” airs on Sunday, May 6 at 9 p.m. EDT on E!