More than four months of civil unrest in the city of Abidjan, Ivory Coast have fuelled fears of a humanitarian disaster in the country.

The long battle for power between internationally recognized president Alassane Quattara and his predecessor Laurent Gbagbo has led to the creation of a severely battered nation. Thousands were killed, many were trapped in their houses with little food or water and a somber mood prevailed in the region as armed militias continued to roam the streets.

Following the arrest of Gbagbo, authorities now are facing a tough task to reunite a nation shattered by the conflict and violence.

Amidst the war, a 26-year old Ivorian painter named Abdoulaye Diarrasouba presented a whole new side of the conflict with his grafitti-style paintings.

Influenced by the late American artist, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Abdoulaye created a colorful record of the violence that threatened to rip the country apart. Get a glimpse of the artistic records of the 2011 unrest through the eyes of the Ivorian painter: